The Young and the Restless: one of the actors fired from production after violating anti-Covid rules

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Actor Richard Burgi was fired from the filming of The Young and the Restless after violating the anti-Covid rules established by the production. Indeed, he would have isolated himself for five days instead of ten after having tested positive for the virus.

The stage of the Fires of Love has been turned upside down. This week, the interpreter of Ashland Locke, actor Richard Burgi, was fired after violating the rules against Covid-19 established by production, he revealed on his Instagram account, consulted by our colleagues from BFMTV.

Indeed, the actor would have tested positive for the virus, and would have had to isolate himself for ten days, as recommended by the production of the TV movie. However, he would have isolated himself for only five days. “I unwittingly violated the series’ anti-Covid rules,” he confided, claiming to have tested negative twice before resuming filming. “I felt very bad, and I’m still in this state. It bothers me a lot, but that’s the way it is. I respect the decision of the series. They are doing their best, like all of us”.

These measures, taken by the production of the Fires of Love, come as the cases of Covid-19 increase tenfold in Los Angeles. It is in particular the filming of NCIS which had to be suspended, like that of Star Trek: Picard, interrupted after the identification of 5 positive cases among the team. The shootings of NCIS: Los Angeles and Chicago Fire have been postponed for several weeks.