Their show was premonitory: the apocalypse according to DBK Project at Le Bijou

the essential
Four years ago, the Toulousains of DBK Project presented their musical dystopia “480” at Bijou, in Toulouse. They are back there with the same premonitory spectacle, matured over time.

“480” is a concept-album between philosophical opera-rock and children’s tale for adults (the formula is by guitarist Clément Foisseau), in the great tradition of records from the 70s, with exciting sound explorations and a captivating story: that of a woman, 480, who opens her eyes to the world… and does not take long to understand that something is wrong… “Wait, wait, I have to tell you…”, calls out the singer Melanie Briand. 480 meets an old lady, who tells him… The apocalypse, the Machine.
DBK (which welcomed a new singer, Johanna Luz) will again present this Thursday and Friday this show which has continued to mature over the months. “We are very happy to return to this room where we love to listen and where we will enjoy telling the story of 480, confides Mélanie, who wrote it. It is a mythical place! The disc fascinates with its songs that are alternately introspective and very pop (“Anastasia”, “Run Away”, “Sing a Song”) and by this narration which today takes on a very particular resonance: “People think that we just wrote it, laughs Mélanie. It’s true that since then there has been the pandemic, the war… We had a bad intuition! To tell the truth, there was a reaction to be expected: social individualism was so significant…” Far from appeasing it, the silence constrained by confinement gave power and thickness to the show: “We worked on the scenography , the costumes… Everything is more homogeneous and the scenic visuals are totally one with our intention”, notes Ausias Gamisans, one of the singers of the group. With such songs, “480” is one of those stories you never get tired of hearing.

DBK Project: “480”, Thursday 12 and Friday 13 at 9:30 p.m. at Bijou (123, avenue de Muret), Toulouse. Tel.05 61 42 08 69. Prices from 9 to 13€.