Théo Ceccaldi: “Jazz has always been open to all types of music”

Elected successively French musician of the year by Jazz Magazine, then revelation of the year at the Victoires du jazz, Théo Ceccaldi, jewel of the new wave arrives this evening in Albi. Accompanied by new musicians, he offers an original concert. Interview.

You arrive tonight with a new show that you have refined in residence.

Each year, in connection with the festival “Jazz sous les pommiers” I propose a new creation. This is the latest that I will play in Albi.

With new musicians?

I wanted to be accompanied by the new French generation. There is Laura Perrudin who adapted her harp to the colors of jazz, with a unique instrument, specially created by a luthier. Without forgetting the sound of his very crystalline voice.

Robinson Khoury on trombone is a true virtuoso. Without forgetting Auxane Cartigny on keyboards, and Julien Loutelier on drums, who is an old traveling companion, All this little world, I met them during my concerts and I wanted to create something with them.

What is the universe of this concert?

I decided to put my Mediterranean roots to music, whether Corsican, Italian, Sicilian. With all these beautiful people around me, it gives an atypical concert, of which I am very proud. We will find pop, rap, of course jazz with a poetic universe. Jazz has always been different, open to all other music, listening to new things. That’s why I love him. These musical encounters, I discovered it young, in family where we listened to rock, jazz, folk or classical.

We imagine that there will be improvisation.

Obviously. This is the very essence of jazz.

The lockdown went well.

Yes. It was a new phase for me. I became interested in world music and particularly in Africa. It is an infinite discovery. During this period, I went to Ethiopia. It was awesome. Besides, after the concert in Albi, I’m going back there. For the post-Covid period, I find that people have returned to theaters quite easily. So much the better, I missed the stage. There is nothing better for an artist.