There is little left for the Project Zero 4 remaster, and this gameplay reaffirms that Japanese terror never goes out of style – Project Zero: Mask Of the Lunar Eclipse (2023)

It was several months ago when the return of Project Zero 4 in the form of a remaster was announced in the past Nintendo Direct. Later we were able to learn that the release date was set for the March 9. There isn’t much left to relive a renewed experience, but this gameplay can raise your expectations.

From the official Koei Tecmo YouTube account they have recently released a gameplay from Project Zero: Mask Of the Lunar Eclipse. More than 7 minutes are enough to show that Japanese terror does not go out of style. It is not a video to use, but the producer of this project, Yutaka Fukaya, and the director of the original work, Makoto Shibata, have commented on some of the new game modesas revealed from Gamingbolt.

In addition, both creatives have talked about certain improvements and changes you have received camera and controls. In addition, the technical improvement offers a cleaner and more detailed gameplay than the original. It should be remembered that the original title in Japan is Fatal Framebut in Europe this saga is known as Project Zero.

What other news will it bring?

As novelties, it will bring “a new Photo modealong with new and modified costumes, and improved graphicsincluding the improved representation of shadows and light, offering a more immersive experience and terrifying”. What’s more, the character models have been modified to provide a story that “shines both narratively and aesthetically”. If you want to know how we received a similar work in the writing of 3DJuegos, you can take a look at the Project Zero analysis : Maiden of Black Water, which we define as “Pure horror“.