These 6 free games promise a weekend full of action and fun, but if you’re not interested we have several irresistible offers on PC, PlayStation and Xbox – PC

We are already facing the second half of January, with our eyes set on releases such as Forspoken Y Dead Space (Remake) They are leaving a lot of news in recent days, and from which we will receive their first analyzes very soon. But first, it’s time to do a review of what we can enjoy without paying a euro on PC and consoles this weekend, taking a look at all the free games available, both to try and to claim forever. In addition, at the end we leave you with several offers that we believe may interest you, either because they are real bargains or because of the discount titles entity.

Free games

Games to claim and keep forever

  • Epistory – Typing Chronicles [PC]. With Epic Games Store this week we are summoned to try to free a fascinating origami world from its insectile corruption in a somewhat peculiar way, writing everything necessary to achieve our goal. The video game catches the eye due to its beautiful staging, and its mechanics make it quite special. It can be yours if you stop by the Fortnite Publishers Trade this week. Claim it on the Epic Games Store before January 26.

Games to try for a limited time

  • ONE [PC]. Also from Ubisoft, for a week there will be an opportunity to play a few games of this classic childhood game that we all loved. With everything you need to enjoy multiplayer, users will be able to combine cards by matching their value or color and launch special cards to turn the game around. Play it for free with Ubisoft Connect until January 26.
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands [Xbox]. It has not been long since its launch, but if you are an Xbox Live Gold user you have a golden opportunity to see if Tina Chiquitina is capable of offering a gaming experience full of extravagance, wonder and high-powered weaponry in this adventure. You have this entire weekend to try it out and decide if it’s worth adding to your libraries later. Play it free with XBL Gold until January 22.
  • space crew [Xbox]. Finally, and within the Xbox Live Gold Free Game Days, there is an opportunity this weekend to play a few games of this simulation, survival and strategy game for a single player with a legendary difficulty where you have to recruit and train a crew capable of facing the growing threat of alien and android armies threatening Earth. Play it free with XBL Gold until January 22.

Other free games for subscribers

And the list of games to take advantage of the weekend does not end here, since we have the option to explore new free games for subscribers on services like PS Plus Essential, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro, Prime Gaming, etc. As always, we invite you to join the 3DJuegos Discord server.

Deals: great games at a reduced price

In addition to these free games, we also want to invite you to take a look at some of the many current offer campaigns on the main PC and console stores. We already made a compilation this Thursday with great computer titles at a reduced price on Steamand we also reviewed the latest xbox salesbut now, below, we want to make a small selection of each of these businesses.

  • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut [PC]. Both on Steam and on GOG we can get hold of what was for many the great surprise of 2019 in its genre. For just 10 euros, players will have before them the final edition of “a revolutionary open-world role-playing game” that will make them live, according to what we read in their 3DJuegos analysis, a true detective story. Buy it for 9.99 euros on Steam before January 26.
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn [PC]. It’s still hard to believe, but some great console-exclusive adventures from PlayStation Studios’ past can not only be enjoyed on PC, but also be purchased at bargain prices. Specifically, from Steam and GOG we propose to start Aloy’s journey this weekend in the Complete Edition of the action and adventure title. Buy it for 16.49 euros on Steam before January 26.
  • Rainbow Six: Siege [PlayStation]. On PS5 and PS4 we also have several interesting discounts. For less than 10 euros, for example, we found this pack to join one of Ubisoft’s most successful video games, a tactical shooter that today accumulates large numbers of activity. It is sold at a reduced price, in addition, in a pack that incorporates many of its contents released over the years. Buy it in the PS Store for 9.89 euros before February 2.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare [PlayStation]. There are several Call of Duty installments on sale in the PlayStation store. In this special we want to stay with Modern Warfare, the relaunch of the brand in 2019 that offers users to experience an exciting campaign or immerse themselves in an online mode loaded with game modes and maps. Buy it in the PS Store for 15.59 euros before February 2.
  • FIFA 23 [Xbox]. We are entering the second half of the football season of the year, but despite there being still a lot of fabric to cut from Microsoft they offer us to get hold of the king of EA Sports simulator for a fairly low price taking into account that the video game reached the stores a few months ago. So, if you like soccer, don’t think about it too much. Buy it in the Microsoft Store for 20.99 euros before January 30.
  • red dead redemption 2 [Xbox]. It is one of the most beloved video games among the writing and community of 3DJuegos, and without a doubt, with its purchase, users will discover a journey through the Wild West that is difficult to match. Its discount still does not make it a bargain considering that several years have passed since its release, but the quality that players expect makes it a highly recommended offer. Buy it in the Microsoft Store for 19.79 euros before January 30.