These are our five essential devices on sale at MediaMarkt Web Week to have the best experience watching movies and series

Looking for a bargain at MediaMarkt? These are the best devices to have the best experience watching movies and series.

It is clear that having a good television is essential when watching any movie or series, but it is also essential to have some devices with whom to be able improve our experience. For this reason, today we will talk about the best devices that we can get during the MediaMarkt Web Weekwith discounts of all kinds and that will allow us to squeeze each movie to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sony HT-SD40 soundbar

It is a fact that most televisions do not have the sound quality that one might expect, at least if we want to fully enjoy any type of content. Therefore, one Sound bar It is an essential device to get the most out of each scene or each dialogue, and this model Sony HT-SD40 now we can take it away for just €179 compared to its usual 269 euros, with very interesting features such as Dolby-Digitalwireless subwoofer, 330W of power, Bluetooth and HDMI.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip Plus

The setting we have in our homes is also something to consider. In this sense, including some good led lights can offer a completely different experience, and these Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip Plus are the ideal complement, and for only €19.99 compared to the usual 35.99 euros. Among its specifications, we find Wifi (to turn our houses into smart homes), low energy consumption, 16 million colors Y resistance to dust and splashes of water with IP65 certification.

LaCie External Hard Drive

Yes, streaming services like Prime Video They have made it possible for us to consume almost any type of content as long as we have internet and a subscription to the service, but there are many of us who still have our movies, and even music, on external devices, so that we can take them wherever we want. In the MediaMarkt Web Week we can find different External hard driveswith different storage, but this model LaCie It is the one with the best price, since it costs €101.99 instead of the usual 119.99 euros. In addition, it includes 2TB storage, USB3.0 for fast connections and a good compact design to transport it wherever we want.

D-Link DWR-921 Wireless Router

It is useless to have our space to watch any movie in streaming if we do not have a router, or at least not a good one. We can also find many models in MediaMarkt, but due to its characteristics and its price, the most interesting is the D-Link DWR-921. Its price drops to €110.70 instead of the usual 123 euros for Web Week, and includes everything you need to have a great Internet connection, such as your 3G/4G connectivityspeeds of up to 50 Mbps upload and 100 Mbps downloadfour ports Ethernet and obviously Wifi.

Wi-Fi amplifier Tenda Nova MW6

But, what happens when we have the router too far from the television and the signal does not arrive? For this we can count on different devices. The model Tenda Nova MW6 It is the one with the best design, but it also has great quality and a price of €114.99 compared to the usual 159.99 euros. The first thing is that it is a device plug and play, so it takes care of configuring everything automatically. we can connect up to 90 devices simultaneously, it is capable of offering speeds of 2.4GHz – 5GHz and can cover spaces of up to 165 square meters, expanding to 500 square meters if we connect two additional nodes. In addition, we can also connect other devices by your ethernet port.