These are the 7 free games for the weekend, with a highly anticipated demo and several offers that we recommend – PC

Nice weekend we have the release of the trial version of Resident Evil 4: Remake. The survival-horror of Capcom promises to be the protagonist of the month, as it will be in September Starfield, which already has a release date. But as always, at 3DJuegos we like to take a look at the stores every Friday in search of interesting offers and, of course, free games to enjoy without paying a single euro more on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Free games

Games to claim and keep forever

  • call of the sea (PC) – Claim it for free before March 16 at Epic Games Store. A supernatural tale of mystery and love set in the South Pacific of the 1930s. This is how this Spanish development adventure with puzzles and Lovecraft touches is presented.

Games to try for a limited time

  • Total War: WARHAMMER III (PC) – Play it for free until March 13 at Steam. The game in which he spends his hours henry cavill. A strategy title where we can have at our command seven unique races and hundreds of units from the Games Workshop universe.
  • Dungeon Defenders: Awakened (PC) – Play it for free until March 13 at Steam. It is a tower defense title that can be enjoyed in the company of three fighting friends. It has hordes of enemies and plenty of legendary loot to claim.
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) – Play it for free until March 16 with Ubisoft. A new free trial of Ubisoft’s tactical shooter was missing, and here we have it, once again looking for new and potential agents.
  • WRC Generations (Xbox) – Play it for free until March 13 at Xbox. 165 stages, 37 legendary cars, 49 teams from last year’s World Cup… A fairly complete rally video game to put your foot down this weekend on the console.
  • Dead by Daylight (Xbox) – Play it for free until March 13 at Xbox. Indeed, another regular of this type of special. The video game has been so successful that it will have a movieso perhaps this one offers you a reason to give it once and for all a chance.
  • Cities: Skylines (Xbox) – Play it for free until March 13 at Xbox. Paradox Interactive presented its sequel this week, leaving us shocked with his promises of a new revolution. But meanwhile, here is the most successful city-builder of these years.

New demos to play

  • Resident Evil 4: Remake (PC, PlayStation, Xbox Series X|S) – Download the demo with Capcom. This survival-horror review will be released in a few weeks, but from now on we can control Leon by starting the adventure and with no time limit.

Other free games for subscribers

And the “gifts” do not end here, since we have the option to explore new free games for subscribers in services such as PS Plus at its different levels, PC & Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, Prime Gaming, etc. Some news are already available. Don’t forget to take a look at the list.

Deals: great games at a reduced price

  • red dead redemption 2 (PC) – You can buy it until March 15 for 16.79 euros at Steam. It is not a ridiculous price, but it is an offer that you should not miss taking into account the enormous quality of the video game that we are recommending.
  • INSIDE + LIMBO (PC) – You can buy it until March 16 for 2.68 euros at Steam. This is indeed a bargain. Two of the best adventures of the century for little the price of two coffees. Your weekend afternoons could not be in better hands.
  • Resident Evil 2: Remake (PC) – You can buy it for a limited time at 9.99 euros at Steam. We have Capcom discounts this weekend on Steam, and these affect Resident Evil. Playing the RE 4: Remake demo might leave you wanting more. Here goes the solution.
  • Subway Exodus (PS4) – You can buy it until March 16 for 8.99 euros in the PS Store. One of the shooter that we like the most. Terror, survival and of course intense shooting scenes come together in this epic journey through post-apocalyptic Russia.
  • Ni no Kuni II (PS4) – You can buy it until March 16 for 8.99 euros at PS Store. It didn’t come out as cutting-edge as the first installment, but it’s still a beautiful Japanese role-playing adventure that for this price it’s hard not to resist recommending it. You will tell us
  • plants vs. Zombie Garden Warfare 2 (PS4) – You can buy it until March 16 for 4.99 euros at PS Store. A few years ago, a video game that pitted plants against zombies was a resounding success. The idea was adapted into a multiplayer shooter and had a sequel. Here you have it.
  • Control Ultimate Edition (Xbox) – Buy it before March 13 for 11.99 euros at the xbox store. It was one of the GOTY nominees of its year, and a good example of Remedy Entertainment’s abilities to have narrative action titles.