These are the 9 most outstanding deals on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series games of the week – PC

xbox game pass has been updated over the past few days with additions like Stranded Deep either deadly shelland from Microsoft they prepare us for 2023 with the promise to bring more games to its platform. This would already be a powerful enough excuse to turn on our console quite often, but, as usual on Xbox, we also have the option of accessing more deliveries through the weekly deals in titles for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Xbox - Offers with Gold

If you are a user of any of these platforms, you will be interested to know that for the next seven days you have the possibility to take a walk through the Xbox store to see a good handful of games at a reduced price. As if this were not enough, users of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Y xbox live gold They can also access an even broader catalog of sales with the deals with goldalso available for a whole week.

As usual in this house, we have taken advantage of the moment to carry out a selection that is divided into two parts: the most outstanding sales of this week, for all users, and the most interesting of the offers with Gold, only for players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Live Gold. However, we also encourage you to visit the Xbox website to be aware of all the titles that see their price reduced during this week.

Weekly offers (general)

  • Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Editions for 14.99 euros (previously for 49.99 euros): In the event that you like fantastic experiences in the purest Dungeons & Dragons style, you will probably be interested in taking a look at the Baldur’s Gate franchise. This pack offers the first two games in the series at a 70% discount, which is great to prepare for the future release of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition for 19.99 euros (previously for 49.99 euros): unlimited freedom to explore and experiment, fantastic races, characters with different origins, multiplayer mode, the goal of rising as a god… There are many reasons why this installment from Larian Studios should be in the library of fans of the fantastic, which is completed with the possibility of acquiring it with a 50% discount.
  • Little Nightmares 2 for 9.89 euros (before for 29.99 euros): the most recent installment of this horror saga is on sale again. Discover this dark world and try to survive creatures that you would only find in your worst nightmares.
  • NHL 23 for Xbox Series for 31.99 euros (previously for 79.99 euros)– Hockey fans have a good reason to take a look at the Xbox deals, as the recent NHL 23 makes an appearance along with all its new features: shorter wait times, more than 500 new animations, revamped strategy systems and much more.
  • Watch Dogs: Legion for 13.99 euros (previously for 69.99 euros): Take advantage of this 80% discount on one of Ubisoft’s great installments and get ready to recruit the citizens of London in your dangerous company. Take advantage of their abilities, adapt them to your play style and make your way between missions.

Offers with Gold

  • For The King for 6.24 euros (before for 24.99 euros)– With a combination of roguelike elements and strategic role-playing mechanics, For The King establishes itself as one of the most recommended installments of the Xbox offerings. Put an end to the chaos alone or with friends in the once peaceful kingdom of Fahrul.
  • SnowRunner for 19.99 euros (before for 39.99 euros): If you are one of those who enjoy testing yourself with challenges on the road, SnowRunner is probably the game for you. Get behind the wheel of powerful vehicles and win the fight against nature in extreme environments with one of the best terrain simulators out there.
  • The Darkness 2 for 5.99 euros (before for 29.99 euros): This classic shooter is dropped on the Xbox sales at a discount that allows us to relive (or discover) the story of Jackie Estacado, a don of the New York mob family and wielder of an ancient force of chaos known as “ Darkness”.
  • Wasteland 3 Colorado Collection for 12.49 euros (before for 49.99 euros)– A complete experience that not only includes the base game of Wasteland 3, but also makes room for The Battle of Steeltown and Cult of the Holy Detonation expansions, as well as a survival kit that will make your arrival in Colorado easier.