These are the alleged Cyberpunk 2077 leaks that CD Projekt has denied

The next step for CD Projekt RED is to release Phantom Liberty, the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion that is not only the first and only, but is the most expensive DLC from the Poles to date. Of course, have you read that it will include Cyberpunk: Edgerunners as content? it gives me that we have eaten a hoax.

Although the expansion does not yet have a release date, many voices suggest that it will be released this year. Of course, if those same voices are the ones that pointed to the inclusion of Lucy and David in the RPG of the Poles, perhaps we should be careful, and that is that the company itself has denied any crossover between both products.

These rumors gained strength on Reddit when several users made use of mods and, apparently, rescued a series of messages that pointed to hidden missions related to Edgerunners. These references included the label “pl66” which, incomprehensibly, many related to Phantom Liberty. It is said that even images of falcothe anime character.

Still, it all came to nothing when Radek Grabowski, head of public relations for CD Projekt RED, announced that we are not facing a leak, “there is none of this content in the game, neither in Phantom Liberty nor in the base game.” The GamesRadar team has also added that there is nothing from Crystal Palace casino in the game, so the leaked details were nothing more than inventions of redditors.

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At the moment, and as we have commented, Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty does not have a release date, nor does it have a semi-confirmed window. We will have to wait for this content, although it seems that the Poles are immersed in non-stop development despite having a good list of future products underway, especially from The Witcher saga.

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