These are the five highest jackpots delivered in ‘Pasapalabra’: they all exceed one and a half million euros

Eduardo Benito won the biggest jackpot in the history of the mythical program: 2,190,000 euros.


Orestes Barbero and Rafa Castaño have broken many of the records of Pass word. Now, and as everything seems to indicate, one of the two contestants will make history in the mythical contest in the coming days or months. And it is that, the jackpot of the program will exceed the 2,190,000 euros that Eduardo Benito took, so when it is delivered it will become the largest prize given in the format. But what have they been? the jackpots with the most money awarded?

Pass word it has distributed more than twenty jackpots in its more than 20 years of history. The biggest jackpot achieved in the mythical contest was in 2006, during the first stage of the program on Antena 3, when Eduardo Benito won 2,190,000 euros when the contest aired. The question that made him the top winner was: “Jota: last name of the Spanish poet and Nobel Prize for Literature and author of ‘Platero y yo’. “Jiménez”, answered Benito to the delight of the entire public. With that answer he took the biggest award ever given on television.

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Next on the list is David Leo, who took the coveted award just a decade later (2016). The man from Malaga participated in 109 programs on Telecinco and in 13 ‘Roscos’ he was just one word away from completing the entire panel, a record already more than surpassed by Orestes. Coincidences of fate, the word ‘Ranzón’ was the one that led him to win the €1,866,000 What was on the boat at that time?

The third from the top is a face well known to viewers. We are talking about Pablo Díaz, who a month ago took the 50,000 euros from the special on Duel of Champions. After 260 programs very close to winning the jackpot, the canary rose in July 2021 with €1,828,000 when hitting ‘Dux’. The penultimate boat delivered, since the last one went to Sofía Álvarez at the end of 2021, taking 466,000 euros.

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The top 5 is completed by Juanpe Gómez and Fran González. The first one won €1,674,000 in 2013 with only 24 programs on ‘Pasapalabra’ behind them. Instead, González spent 168 programs trying to win the prized jackpot. The Asturian took €1,542,000 home, and remained in the memory of all viewers.

Without a doubt, one thing is clear: Orestes or Rafa will continue to make history if they manage to win the jackpot in the coming days and, well, even months.

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