These people who have a very comfortable retirement but who find it too low

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At a time when the pension reform is dividing the French, several retired artists are complaining about the amount of their pension when it is much higher than the average.

Topic No. 1 for many French men and women: pension reform. The retirement age, the contribution period and the amount of pensions are of concern. The average pension, all schemes combined, was €1,509 gross or €1,400 net per month in 2022, indicates the DRESS, the statistical body of the health and social ministries. It’s an average: some French people get less per month, others get more.

Among those who perceive less, there is the singer Stone. At 75, she receives “just over €1,000 a month”. “My retirement is ridiculous”, she confided in the program “Face à Baba” on C8 January 31. If she was able to save money, “it’s gone quickly”. She puts her situation into perspective all the same: “We are not complaining. There are worse than us”.

“It’s not a retreat!”

Laurent Cabrol, he receives 1200 € per month. “It’s not a retirement! (…) Especially when you know what you do with 1200 € per month”, recently confided the 75-year-old host in the program “Chez Jordan” on C8. The former presenter of “The Night of Heroes”, “Téléshopping” or weather forecasts on the radio, however, has additional income from his production house.

Herbert Leonard was questioned a few days ago and claimed to receive “a very small pension” which he figures between €1,500 and €200 per month. “It’s not a lot”. At 78, he hasn’t made any records in recent years. “I made a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes during the 80s,” he explains. “What I had in front of me, I’m eating it now”.

“Small” pensions of several thousand euros

Other personalities receive much more per month and find the amount ridiculous, whereas many small pensioners would be satisfied with it. This is the case of Philip Knight, ex-member of the comic duo Chevalier & Laspalès. At 67, he receives “an average pension”, he said. By insisting, the host Jordan De Luxe obtained the amount: “I touch in the 2500, 3000 euros”. Philippe Chevalier explains that he still has to pay the credit for his main residence.

In 2021, two personalities had shocked by evoking their retirement. First of all Patrice Laffont. The former host of “Fort Boyard” or “Numbers and Letters” complained in TV Star of his “very small pension” The amount? 3500 € per month. Very spendthrift, the 83-year-old man confided his fear of “dying in the street”. He then estimated his needs at €10,000 per month and continues to play at the theater in parallel.

Another personality: the former Minister of National Education and philosopher Luke Ferry. He too had complained about his “little” retirement as a university professor. “With 3000 euros, I obviously can’t live!” had he launched C8. He had then explained that he needed more than that to get out of it. He receives royalties from his books in addition to his pension.