“They are little idiots!” : Caroline Margeridon, the antique dealer of “Case concluded”, looks back on her violent attack in Saint-Ouen

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Caroline Margeridon, an antique dealer known for her participation in the hit France 2 show “Affaire concluded”, was attacked on Sunday evening in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis). This Monday, January 9, the entrepreneur gave her news on Instagram.

“Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Assaulted on Sunday evening at the Biron Market in Saint-Ouen where she owns a shop, Caroline Margeridon, a famous antique dealer known for her participation in the hit France 2 show “Affaire concluded”, gave her news to her fans. Alongside her daughter, the entrepreneur wanted to be reassuring.

“Thank you so much for all your messages of support. Remember our saying, whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” she wrote on Instagram. “It could have been much more serious. Let’s see the positive. My daughter is fine and my son has been exceptional. We live in a wonderful country and we must not be afraid, because it is fear that will make them have won”, she relativized.

“I think we will find them because they put DNA”

The antique dealer returned to the circumstances of his attack. “I’m always careful, I never go to this car park alone, I’ve been going to flea markets for years, to the Biron market, I always go accompanied… Well, that’s life. We’re not dead . They’re little idiots, and I think we’ll find them because they put DNA. And that’s going to be a big shock to them!”, she said in front of the camera.

Caroline Margeridon was about to get into her car parked in a parking lot when, according to her testimony to the police, two men attacked her from behind to snatch her watch, a replica of a prestigious brand, and her bag luxury handbag, worth more than 10,000 euros.

The antique dealer, who received several blows to the face and was thrown to the ground, said that she was also robbed of 650 euros in cash and the key to her shop, which she owns at Marché Biron.

Asked by AFP, the Bobigny prosecutor’s office confirmed this attack and indicated that the Saint-Ouen police station was seized of the investigation.