They are not the elderberry, but at Hogwarts Legacy you can create the most iconic wands from the Harry Potter saga: this is how they are made – Hogwarts Legacy

a wand it is essential for a wizard and Hogwarts Legacy is no exception. As students who have just arrived at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry we are going to have to get our own magic tool and the most interesting thing is that we can recreate some of the most iconic wands from the Harry Potter universe. From Harry Potter himself to Voldemort, there is a design series that we can materialize Do not miss it!

Hogwarts Legacy: How To Create Harry Potter’s Iconic Wands

The first time we came to hogsmeade, we have to visit stores and one of them is Ollivander’s. The most famous wand establishment in the world will allow us to find the perfect one for us. Can personalize it to our liking, being able to create a new one or recreating an iconic one.

Thus, we can modify aspects such as the wand Core, wood, flexibility or length of it. And from here is where we can make magic.

hogwarts legacy wand

Harry Potter’s wand

  • Core: phoenix feather.
  • Wood: holly. Dark brown.
  • Flexibility: flexible.
  • Length: 28 centimeters.

Note: It should be noted that in terms of length, the centimeters are not always exact, but rather “thirty and a quarter centimeters”, for example.

Voldemort’s wand

  • Core: phoenix feather.
  • Wood: yew. Light gray colour.
  • Flexibility: flexible.
  • Length: 34 centimeters and a quarter.

Ron’s wand

  • Core: unicorn hair.
  • Wood: willow.
  • Length: 36 centimeters.

Sirius’s wand

  • Core: dragon heartstring
  • Wood: Oak.
  • Length: 28 centimeters.

Bellatrix’s wand

  • Core: dragon heartstring
  • Wood: Walnut.
  • Length: 32 centimeters.

Draco’s wand

  • Core: unicorn hair.
  • Wood: Espino.
  • Length: 25 centimeters.
  • Flexibility: quite elastic.
Hogwarts Legacy Wands

In my case, I do not hide when I say that I started a game and made Voldemort’s wand. Since to get all the trophies in the game we need to start some additional games, we can try using the most recognizable ones in the saga. On the other hand, do not miss all the news that we bring you to be attentive to the latest information.