Thiéfaine, return almost unplugged

The Barrière casino-theater was sold out last night with the concert by Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine. They were more than 1,000 in the room to listen to the one they follow, for many, since the 70s. Announced “Unplugged” (“unplugged” in VF), the concert was not quite, bass and electric guitar appearing regularly, to, according to Thiéfaine, “prepare us for the next tour” which will be “replugged” (we translate?)

In the introduction, the singer admits “a little strange to find the public after two years of solitude”. However, there is no question for him of “making speeches, you will hear enough of them in the coming months”. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine therefore sang, in his feverish voice, his amorous or anxious melodies, up close with extracts from “Géographie du vide”, his new album (“Page noire”, “La fin du roman”… in a boosted version which ended in jazzy madness) or by going back to the sources (“Vendôme, Gardenal, snack”, 1971, alone on the acoustic guitar, or “542 moons and 7 days approximately”, 1990). Thiéfaine did not forget to offer his only hit broadcast on the radio (“Lorelei Sebasto Cha”, 1982) and to “sprinkle (his) 14th year without alcohol” (with “Pulque mezcal y tequila”, 1988). In shape and in voice, HFT was energetically accompanied by 4 multi-instrumentalists including his son Lucas, who cheerfully moved from guitar to drums and bass. Like a bouncing kid. Worthy son of a father who always gave everything.

Thiéfaine back at the Zénith on Saturday April 1, 2023. Prices: from 39 to 62 euros.