Things get serious in the trailer for ‘Bel-Air’, the dramatic ‘reboot’ of the legendary sitcom (but we love the winks)

The first official preview of the long-awaited series awakens great doses of nostalgia, but without a doubt we are facing a new series that promises to take the main plot to another terrain. Premiere across the pond on February 13.

This city is going to try to make you forget who you are and where you come from. Don’t let them do it

It is the advice that Will – the new Will – receives shortly after his arrival in Bel-Air, the serious ‘reboot’ of The Prince of Bel-Air that will launch the streaming platform Peacock on February 13, coinciding with the major American sporting event known as the SuperBowl.

Above these lines you can finally see the official trailer of the long-awaited series, which, a modern adaptation of the mythical ‘sitcom’ broadcast in the 90s that launched Will Smith to world stardom, changes the tone of its predecessor and will tell us the story of this young man who arrives from the streets of Philadelphia to a mansion in Bel-Air to live with his uncles in a much more dramatic way. The first ‘teaser’, in which we listened to the new version of the mythical intro of the original, already gave proof of this, but the trailer is the definitive proof that in this new and long-awaited title we will see something very, very different.

Endorsed, of course, by Will Smith himself, executive producer of the project and one of the key pieces of its implementation, who is very proud of the series and was in charge of communicating the news to Jabari Banks that he had been the one chosen to step into the shoes of the new Will.

In the first moments of the trailer we can see Will (Jabari Banks) arriving at the Banks mansion and reuniting with his relatives: The elegant butler Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) opens the door for him and we quickly see his aunt Viv (Cassandra Freeman), an uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) who is getting a lot of attention online and his cousins ​​Hilary (Coco Jones), Ashley (Akira) Akbar) and Carlton (Olly Sholotan).

Soon we know the reasons that have led him there: A hit on the basketball court made things ugly and now a bad guy from Philadelphia wants to deal with him.

“You came here to get a good education. Be patient. Give this a real shot,” advises Will his uncle Phil. And that is what the protagonist will be doing, whom we see With his cap aside, turning his uniform jacket around, and navigating a world that is not his own, ready to discover what his new environment and relationships hold for him.

Meanwhile, those who wanted to deal with him seem to have found him …

Bel-Air opens in Peacock Across the Pond on February 13 with a triple episode. The platform has already confirmed the production of two seasons.

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So are the new Will, Carlton and the rest of the Banks in the dramatic ‘remake’ of ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’

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