This ‘Aladdin’ theory has been circulating for decades and best of all, it is confirmed by the directors

Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, the film was released in 1992. 30 years later, we’re still talking about details like this.

Disney movies are often full of theories. Some are as crazy as Nemo is dead in Finding Nemo and the movie is actually about Marlin’s duel to get over it. While this one is hard to buy, many others make sense and have even been confirmed by the creators. There we have, for example, that Tarzan and the protagonists of Frozen they are brothers -it is not a lie, the director Chris Buck confirmed it- or that the seller who appears at the beginning of aladdin is the genius.

This latest theory has been circulating for decades and, after going through internet forums and all kinds of conversations between friends, it has resurfaced on social networks. There are several TikTok accounts that have spoken again about this plot, taking up one of the study’s most curious speculations.

Over the years many have come to the conclusion that the salesperson is the genius for various reasons. And it is that Disney never really hid it. Both are dressed completely in blue, have a goatee and a red ribbon. They are the only characters in the film to have four fingers. And, furthermore -and this is almost definitive- both were voiced by the mythical Robin Williams.

Ron Clements and John Musker, the film’s directors, confirmed the theory beyond any doubt. “It’s true!” Clements told AND! News.

That was the original intention. We even did a scene for the end of the movie where the salesman was shown as the Genie and of course Robin Williams also voiced the character. But with the story changes and editing we lost the reveal at the end. So it’s become an urban legend that it’s true

However, not all fan theories about the movie are true. Another one that does not stop circulating on social networks is that aladdin takes place in a post-apocalyptic future. For many details that may fit, the intention of the creators was not that. On the other hand, Scot Weinger, who voiced the protagonist, has also denied that in the film he whispers a subliminal message to tell children to take off their clothes. Just in case it needed to be confirmed.