This fan theory about ‘John Wick 4’ warns us that we may be facing the most devastating film in the saga

The films of the Keanu Reeves franchise seem to be describing the emotional process of their protagonist, and some see it clearly.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year is just around the corner.. Expectations are very high for john wick 4, the latest installment of the franchise led with a smack and/or clean shot by Keanu Reeves. The famous assassin has become a sensation for many fans thanks to his spectacular and violent action sequences.

Chad Stahelski is going to try to exceed the bet with a new installment that is longer than usual and that It’s already getting very positive reactions.. But many fans are going to be watching if it meets one of the most interesting theories that have emerged around the saga, which marks the subtle evolution of Wick’s character and develops a powerful theme from the beginning.

In places like Reddit, fans share their impressions of each of the films and how they are an analogy of the emotional process that lives john wick for the death of his wife. Based on this interpretation, each one of the films represents a stage of the phases of mourning, a psychological theory that represents the emotional states that human beings go through to process the loss of a person who is dear to us.

John Wick and the road to acceptance

Following this model, the start with John Wick (A Good Day to Kill) it would represent the state of denial, the first phase of mourning. In the movie we see the murderer trying to carry on with his life as if nothing had changed after the death of his wife. Every item in her home is unaltered, keeping him surrounded by the things of her love life, and he clings to memories of her. Most of her time is spent distracting herself with activities, like driving his car or taking care of the dog she’s bequeathed to her (or killing a bunch of enemies that won’t leave her alone), instead of coming to terms with the traumatic loss of him. .

John Wick: Blood Pact It is the second phase, that of anger. John must kill again against his will for the carnage unleashed in the first film, and in the process is most abjectly betrayed. From there an even more unleashed carnage will beginin the process betraying the mandates of the assassin’s code and facing the high table, killing within the confines of the Continental Hotel.

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The next step is negotiation, and that is present in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellumwhere the protagonist must reach agreements with different parties to get out of the quagmire. He negotiates with the doctor to cure him, negotiates to be smuggled out of the country, negotiates for help to reach the high table, and finally tries to reach an agreement with them. Everything to stay alive. On the other hand, there is the term parabellumwhich in Latin is derived from the expression meaning “if you want peace, prepare for war”, another twisted form of agreement.

Following this logic, john wick 4 must be the darkest and saddest movie of all. The fourth phase is that of depression, where he is completely immersed in the pain of loss and where he must really explore if it is worth living without his wife. That would make the fifth film one of acceptance, the last step before being able to find peace and process the grief.

Although taking into account that Stahelski wants to temporarily stop the franchise and questions the filming of the fifth, it is possible that the theory is watered down. But one cannot postpone mourning foreverso it is possible that they end up complying.

john wick 4 It opens in theaters on March 24.

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