This has been the reunion of Howard and Sheldon in ‘Young Sheldon’ after the end of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Simon Helberg is the third cast member from the original series to join the spin-off prequel, which is now airing its fifth season on CBS.

First it was Kaley Cuoco as Penny, then Mayim Bialik as Amy, and now Simon Helberg as Howard. The ‘spin-off’ prequel to The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, continues to receive visits from the original cast of fiction and the last episode to experience one of those reunions that steal our hearts has been the seventh of the fifth season, ‘An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel’ (5×07), broadcast this week on CBS, its original channel on the other side of the pond, and which will be seen in Spain by Movistar + next week.

It had already been warned a week ago and it has been. This week’s chapter has revealed why Sheldon Cooper has such a mania for engineers and engineering in general and what better visit than Howard Wolowitz, who for years until he went into space, was the victim of the theoretical physicist’s contempt for your profession.

However, although Jim Parsons and Simon Helberg have reunited for the episode, the reunion has not occurred in person, but, as explained by series co-creator Steve Molaro in recent statements to TVLineThey did it through Zoom and it was through this tool that they recorded their dialogues. “Jim and Simon did not miss a beat in their jokes as Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz,” assured the ‘showrunner’.

Being able to work with Simon again and help explain Sheldon’s hatred of engineering is a dream come true. [Steve Molaro]

This has been the reunion between Howard and Sheldon

Like those of Cuoco and Bialik, Helberg’s participation was not in person, but we could only hear his voice. Already at the beginning of the episode, the adult Sheldon to whom Jim Parsons continues to lend his voice confessed one thing: Wolowitz, as much as he was the only one in the gang who didn’t have a Ph.D., had nothing to do with Sheldon’s disdain for engineering.

The true “culprit” of his disdain is known in ‘An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel’ (5×07): Profesor Boucher, played by the actor of Fringe Lance Reddick and the first person through whom Sheldon had contact with this science. After refusing to help him with a difficult challenge that was resisting him, Sheldon had to solve the problem himself, but when he got to class, Boucher shut him out for being late. “I hate engineering!” Sheldon exclaimed. And so on forever.

And that’s when Through their voices ‘off’, we attended the reunion of Sheldon and Howard, with the latter finally understanding where that visceral hatred of his friend was coming from: “So all the teasing and abuse had nothing to do with me!” Sheldon admitted not at first, but then something happened that turned him against him. What is it about? He doesn’t reveal it: “If you found out for yourself, it would mean so much more.”

“We love being able to explore Sheldon Cooper’s origins each week at Young Sheldon, but it’s always more fun when we can put references to Big Bang Theory“, explained Molaro. So, we can expect many more.

For now Young Sheldon is guaranteed at least two more seasons.