This Hogwarts Legacy mod for PC fulfills the dream of any fan of the Harry Potter saga: flying through the magical world without limits – Hogwarts Legacy

It was evident that Hogwarts Legacy was going to become a success in sales, but we continue to be surprised by the numbers it has garnered in its early days. In this sense, the game Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. has presented a more than excellent commercial performance in United Kingdom, Europe and Japanwhich means that thousands of students have started classes at the world’s most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry.

However, there are those who want to take the experience further with mods of all kinds, and this time we come to focus on ideal content for those who enjoy explore the magical world with the broom. Because, as the colleagues from 3D PC Gamescomputer gamers can now download Free Fly Mod for fly without limitations which automatically imposes the game.

As we extract from NexusModsuser R457 describes its content as a mod that “disables ‘No Mount’, ‘No Dismount’ and ‘Limit Speed’ to allow you to use your broom (and other mounts in general) in restricted areas. Work in progress”. In this sense, the author recalls that this freedom can cause bugs to appear in places where the player should not be, although it also includes a notice about an error that occurs when installing this add-on: “For some reason, having the minimap enabled interferes with the mod – you can fly and dismount in restricted areas, but you can’t take off. Disable the minimap and load again to fix it – and it will work from then on.”

More mods for Hogwarts Legacy

In the event that you wish to explore the magical world of Harry Potter through other prisms, let me remind you that they have already been developed a good handful of mods for Hogwarts Legacy who seek to take advantage of all the possibilities of this fantastic universe. In this sense, there is already a downloadable add-on for PC that turns the experience into a VR gamealthough we also have evidence of a group of players who they are experimenting with a cooperative mode via mod.