This horror movie cost two duros, but it became a true phenomenon and one of the most profitable in history

It is said soon, but the box office collection multiplied its budget by more than 10,000. In addition, everyone talked about it and it became a franchise that already has eight films.

Paramount Pictures

What started as a very low budget movie have become one of the greatest horror movie sagas and will premiere his eighth feature film in 2023. Without a doubt, Paranormal Activity is one of those examples that, sometimes, a good idea, a lot of creativity and having things clear can be much better companions than a good handful of millions of dollars.

The story of Paranormal Activitythe independent film written, directed and produced by Oren Peli that first saw the light of day at festivals before its theatrical release two years later, dates back to 2007, when Israeli filmmaker, Inspired by his own experience of moving into his first home alone, he came up with the concept for what would be his first film. That night Peli heard strange crackles and blows that caused her fears and from there the idea of a couple deciding to record what happens at night and check the paranormal activity of which they seem to be victims.

The film was shot with a budget of only 15,000 dollars, in seven days of recording and with a salary of 500 dollars for the leading actor coupleKatie Featherston and Micah Sloat, as the actress herself would later reveal.

As soon as it was screened for the first time at the 2007 Screamfest Horror Film Festival, its potential began to become noticeable. Several people in the industry were captivated by the result, including Jason Blum, who wanted to reissue it with the creator to present it to Sundance. By then the DVD had already begun to impress other notable figures and by the end, while a test screening with real viewers became the last piece of evidence they needed to realize they might be in on something big.

The company that bought the rights to Paranormal Activity and its potential sequels was Paramount Pictures, which took it all for $350,000. A figure much higher than what it had cost but absolutely derisory with the profits that the future franchise would provide.

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For its commercial theatrical release, which would already take place in 2009, Paramount Pictures re-edited some scenes and shot a couple of new endings, increasing the film’s budget. Paranormal Activity $15,000 to $250,000. However, the film would end up being such a phenomenon because of the unique experience it gave viewers in the cinema that It raised no less than 193 million dollars, multiplying its initial budget by more than 10,000. With such numbers, Paranormal Activity not only repeated the experience of The Blair Witch Project but he came to unseat her as the most profitable movie ever.

In addition, the tape gave rise to several sequels, prequels and ‘spin-offs’, as well as a video game. The seventh movie Paranormal Activity: Closepremiered in 2021, and an eighth is scheduled for 2023. A terrorizing, money-making machine that started with $15,000 and a nightmarish nightmare.