This is how the Child Empress of ‘The Neverending Story’ has changed: she is now 50 years old and left the industry after being sexualized after the film

Tami Stronach was just 11 years old when she starred in the famous fantasy film. She had a whole future ahead of her, but her parents decided to protect her from her when she started receiving marriage proposals and nudity papers.

It may not be a movie that has aged very well, but it’s impossible not to look back with great nostalgia. The endless storythe famous fantasy film based on the homonymous novel by Michael Ende and Released in 1984, it was the subject of enormous success in the 80s and 90s. become part of the pop culturer, its original soundtrack is recognizable around the world almost forty years later, but the film already made history before it was elevated to classic status. At the time of its release, the feature film turned out to be the most expensive ever produced outside the United States or the USSR, but his earnings also managed to multiply his budget by four.

Directed by German director Wolfgang Petersen (The submarine, Air Force One), The Neverending Story adapted only the first half of Ende’s book, while the second was adapted into its sequel The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter and a third was produced in 1994, ten years later, with a plot unrelated to the original material.

As you will remember, the story was led by a 10-year-old boy, Bastian (Barrett Oliver), who was beginning to read a book called The Neverending Story that transported him to Fantasy, a kingdom that needs the arrival of a hero to save it from death. to his Empress (Tami Stronach), who is suffering from an illness. That hero was Atreyu, played by Noah Hathaway, whose adventure required Bastian’s own participation.

None of the three child protagonists of the unforgettable film returned for the second part and in fact, sooner or later, all of them ended up leaving the world of interpretation to focus on other things. However, while Noah Hathaway and Barrett Oliver remained child actors for a time, Tami Stronach was removed almost immediately from the spotlight after the unexpected fame acquired by the little girl after the premiere of the film.

Stronach she was just 11 years old when she became the Child Empress of The endless story and her parents were very shocked by what happened. What began almost as a game after being discovered at a function of winnie the pooh it ended with the young woman as one of the protagonists of a film that had triumphed all over the world, which meant extra attention to the girl and her family that made them live most uncomfortable moments: they were harassed by telephone, the girl received marriage proposals from adult men and, as they would count on time, they also received “offers from Hollywood to play roles that included scenes of nudity and completely inappropriate for their age.”

According to her mother, Ruth Stronach, the little girl was kept away from acting to “help her navigate the troubled waters of child stardom in the film industry.”

A) Yes, The endless story it was his first role and it was also the last one for more than three decades.

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Now Stronach is 50 years old and his physical change, obviously, is remarkable. After the success of the film, little Ella continued to be linked to art and, after graduating, she moved to New York to work as a dancer and theater actress. She even went so far as to found her own company, Tami Stronach Dance Company, in the year 2000. In addition, the actress became a Yoga teacher and, as proof of her great memory of her tape, she named the classes from her Never Ending Yoga.

Not long ago, and unexpectedly, he made his return to the cinema: He did so with the film Ultra Low, about a group of filmmakers trying to make it big in Hollywood. Likewise, the actress has spent the last few years working on the writing, directing and production of her first film: Man & Witchwhich has in its cast no less than Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Michael Emerson and Stronach herself.