This is how ‘The Wheel of Time’ continues: When will we see and what to expect from the new episodes of Amazon’s ‘hit’

After the broadcast of the first three chapters, the remaining five will be broadcast on a weekly basis. The protagonists advance details.

It was one of the most anticipated releases of 2021 and has finally seen the light of day on Amazon Prime Video. The Wheel of Time is the adaptation of the famous fantasy literary saga written by Robert Jordan (and finalized by Brandon Sanderson after the death of the first) and, after a creative process of more than three years led by screenwriter Rafe Judkins, lThe series has premiered its first three episodes on the streaming platform amid great expectations with a very disparate reception.

It must also be said that the challenge he faced The Wheel of Time in television format it was double. On the one hand, because of the difficult task that the fact of adapting a story that had been told in 14 books and that was full of fantastic elements and complex characters involved; but also because of the responsibility of having one of the most famous literary sagas of the genre at hand, much loved and respected by fans around the world, and because of the constant comparisons that placed it as the “new Game of Thrones”.

Not all the reviews have been positive or negative after the ‘premiere’ of three episodes last Friday, but The Wheel of Time he still has a lot ahead of him. To begin with, the remaining five episodes of the first season, but also two more installments, a second that is already being shot and a third whose work will begin in a row, which have already been officially announced by the streaming platform.

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What can you expect from the immediate future of The Wheel of Time after the debut of the first three episodes?


In times when it is usual for streaming platforms to make the full seasons of their series available to their subscribers, we have to admit that sometimes weekly premieres are a bit uphill, but it is the model for which that Amazon Prime Video has bet for what is undoubtedly one of its great series of 2021.

With a first debut of three episodes, the following that make up season 1 of The Wheel of Time they can be enjoyed weekly and one by one.

A) Yes, This Friday, November 26, we will be able to enjoy 1×04 of The Wheel of Time and so on every week until the eight that make up the season are completed. The end of the season, almost as if it were a Christmas gift, will be enjoyed on December 24, 2021 and will give way to a wait of, at least, several months until the premiere of a second season for which at the moment there is no has advanced approximate release date.


If you’ve already enjoyed the first three episodes of The Wheel of TimeYou will already know that the protagonists, despite having started their journey with Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) as a group, have been forced to continue facing their adventure separately. Various dangers along the way have forced them to separate and now, without being very clear if they are still alive or where theirs are going, Perrin and Egwene, Mat and Rand, and Moirane, Lan Mandragoran and Nynaeve have to keep going, yearning to meet again.

It is precisely about this that the actors of the series spoke in a recent interview with SensaCine and other means, ensuring that, indeed, the meeting at some point on the horizon is something that is not only in the minds of the viewers, but it is the will of all its characters:

For much of the time our characters want and seek different things, but they are all working to be able to meet again and be reunited in these different and unlikely circumstances. That is very special. Even though they go very different paths, they are all connected in some way. [Madeleine Madden, Egwene]

“The parallels between what was happening to us on screen and what was happening to us in real life are very interesting,” recalls Zoë Robins, Nynaeve. “Maddie and I spent a lot of time together in the beginning and when their paths took different directions it was a bit like ‘I don’t have my friend here with me on set.’ But that has also helped us as actors and made when we were finally everyone rolling together was much more special, like that little gift of getting back together. “

Rafe Judkins, the former ‘Survivors’ contestant who dared to adapt ‘The Wheel of Time’

A) Yes, We can hope to see them together again, but now we must also enjoy these moments that the series offers us to meet them separately. This is how Marcus Rutherford, Perrin believes: “Separation also allows us to get to know each of the characters better. It allows really interesting companionship relationships to develop and it really allows the audience to get to know the different characters when they are in pairs. , because you can see his strength and his weakness. With Rand and Mat you can see how they need each other and how they collide in things, and with Perrin and Egwene you can see the strength that she gives him, how he really needs it even if he is the most big and strong of the two “.

I think that when the characters start their different plots separately is when the audience is allowed to get to know them very well. [Marcus Rutherford, Perrin]

Also, after the end of the third episode, there is no doubt that we are about to learn more about Logain, the character played by the Spanish actor Álvaro Morte, one of those men in the universe who can use the One Power but whom the Aes Sedai need to have under control.

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Of course, the season finale cannot reveal much, but the actors promise a ‘cliffhanger’ that will leave us counting the days to the season 2 of The Wheel of Time.

“I’m dying for more”admitted Josha Stradowski, who plays Rand Al’Thor in the interview. “At the end of the first season they have to look at themselves and face whether they are going to accept. [su destino] or how they are going to challenge it. I think at first they are very naïve to what Moiraine is telling them, but on this crazy crazy journey that they embark on I think they come to terms with who they are and what skills they have, “added Rutherford.

By then, however, we have a good handful of adventure-packed episodes. We can continue distributing it every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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