This is the bust of Kratos with LEGO pieces created by a follower of the God of War saga – God of War (2018)

The possibilities offered by LEGO pieces are infinite. Thanks to its multiple shapes, options and connections, users can carry out different pieces that bring out wit and imagination of these. For this reason, dnog.mocs, a fan of the Danish toy brand who uses your instagram profile to publish his creations, he revealed his latest work a few days ago: a bust of Kratos’s head made with LEGO pieces.

Kratos Lego

Image: Instagram

Along with the image, the user detailed the reasons why he chose to build the God of War. As he points out, he wantedbuild more heads” and considered that the protagonist of the god of war saga it was a good choice. Therefore, he got down to work and created a bust of Kratosa work he noted was “a little smaller” than his recreation of the colossal titan from the well-known Attack on Titan license. And, in view of the images, the result of the work of dnog.mocs is surprising.

God of War: Ragnarok continues Kratos’ Nordic journey

In reference to whether it will build the rest of the body, the user himself revealed that it is a good idea Think about finishing your particular Kratos. Although, for now, he indicated that he has only built up to the neck, the body area where the bust that he designed using LEGO pieces ends. Therefore, it is possible that in the coming weeks she will continue her work and, as can be seen in other creations on her Instagram profile, she will finish shaping Kratos as already did with batman.

God of War: Ragnarokthe direct continuation of the title of God of War released in 2018, Kratos’ Nordic journey continues. For this reason, the plot focuses on how the actions of the Greek god and atreus (his son) to the stability of the 9 nordic kingdoms. If you want to know what we thought of this title, now available on PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5, we invite you to read The analysis of 3D Games God of War: Ragnarok. In it, our director Alvaro Castellano recounts his experience in our 2022 GOTY.

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