This is the new generation of ‘Rebelde’ on Netflix (and what has become of the originals?)

The first season of the reboot of the series that marked a whole generation is now available on the streaming platform. We will tell you what the new protagonists are like and what the performers of the mythical group RBD are currently doing.

“Just stay in silence for five minutes…”. “And I’m a rebel, when I don’t follow others …”. Surely you have known how to follow these fragments of two of the best-known songs of RBD, the Mexican band that had its beginnings in the iconic series Rebel. Such was its success that fiction marked the adolescents of the 2000s and the group even filled the football fields, like the late Vicente Calderon, around the world. Today, the fans of the series are in luck. A new mexican version llega a Netflix.

The fictional school that gave birth to RBD reopens its doors with a style that reminds us, and much, of Elite. Of course, the new version of Rebel will have a history completely renewed and adapted to the new generationsFor example, among the protagonists we will see tattoos, discolorations and a style typical of the classic boarding school uniform. In addition, the scripts will be more attached to the Argentine version released in 2002, Rebelde Way, and not to the Mexican soap opera that Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Poncho Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez starred in two years later.

So what will the plot look like? Rebel follows a group of young people from one of the most prestigious schools in Mexico, the boarding school Elite Way School. All of them very different from each other, but with a common dream: to succeed in music. Thanks to their instruments, their great voices and dance, young people will express their feelings and it will be the way to rebel against what is expected of them. However, everything gets complicated when a common enemy appears: the secret society ‘La Logia’, which threatens to crush the musical hopes of the new students.

However, although the protagonists have no relationship with the previous generation, among the cast of the new version of Netflix we find an actress who sounds a lot to us. The director of the mythical boarding school is played by Estefania Villareal, who gave life to Celina Ferrer in Rebel. We can also see many similarities between the characters of the two generations. Next, we will tell you who could be who in the new Rebel.

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Mia Colucci – Jana Cohen

Mia Colucci was the great protagonist of the previous generation. Hated and loved by everyone at the same time, Mia was the most popular in the school and attracted attention with her long blonde hair. This time Jana Cohen is he main character and has several similarities to Colucci’s daughter. Played by actress Azul Guaita, Jana decides to study at the Elite Way School – being the most popular in the school – to find her own style and get away from the path her mother chose for her.
Anahí Puente she was in charge of getting into Mia’s skin. After achieving fame with the hit series, the actress focused on music reaching two solo albums after RBD. Currently, Anahí has ​​two children and she combines her family life with being an actress, singer, songwriter, model and businesswoman.

Roberta – M. J.- Andi

M.J. (Andrea Chaparro) is a young pianist who belongs to a conservative family. To get out of your circle and power express their rebellion Through music, MJ will have to tell some lies. At first glance, both her “sugar cane” style and her personality, reminds us a lot of the beloved Roberta who was played by Sweet Maria. We also see Roberta reflected in Andi (Lizeth Selene), since the young woman has gone through several problems in her life. Therefore, it has a strong appearance although in reality he is someone sweet who uses music to express his feelings. Like her partner, Dulce María has followed her solo career In the music’s world. The truth is that she is not bad at all and, since the separation from RBD, the singer has been the one who successes has harvested on a musical level. In addition, he has also starred in several fictions in these years such as the movie I want to be faithful or the series False identity.

Miguel Arango – Dixon – Esteban

Colombian actor Jerónimo Cantillo plays DixonSensitive young man who has a dream of becoming a famous rapper. This character expresses his rebellion by speaking the truth, being authentic. Doesn’t it remind you of Miguel Arango? We do, and it is that Miguel conquered us all with his unique way of being. Another of the characters of the new Rebel It has a story very similar to Miguel’s. Esteban (Sergio Mayer Mori) is the composer of the new band and before entering the EWS he got a place in a conservatory as a pianist. The young man from lower class He will try to find his own place in the school, something that will not be easy for him. Miguel Arango was played by Alfonso Herrera, who has continued his acting career. The young man has participated in several series, movies and even in great plays. In addition, she is the voice of the campaign for healthy eating in vulnerable children in Mexico.

Diego Bustamante – Sebastian

Sebastian (Alejandro Puente) is the son of the head of government who, although he has a clean image, hides a not so pleasant side behind the scenes. The young man is very popular in boarding school and wants to be a stage-filling artist. A personality and objective very similar to that of Diego Bustamante, who gave life to Christopher Uckermann. And what has become of Christopher? The actor has continued to be linked to acting and music. In fact, his last and fourth disc published it in the year 2020. In addition to appearing in different soap operas and even in highly successful movies in Mexico.

Giovanni – Luka Colucci

Colucci? Yes, you read it right. In the version of the streaming platform we also have a Colucci. But don’t get excited. Luke Colucci (Franco Masini) is the nephew by Mia Colucci with a complex and egocentric personality. It can often be offensive and rude, but it also hides many hurts from the past. This reminds us of the arrogant Giovanni who was played by Christian Chávez. After the group RBD, the actor made his debut in the theater Mexican with works like Today I can not get up. Although he was linked to the world of music for several years, today he has been more related to who, with movies like In good and bad.

Lupita – Emilia

Emilia (Giovanna Grigio) could be the most similar to the endearing Lupita, since they are both students woodcocks. But that is the only similarity between the two characters, since Emilia is one of the stars of the school. The young woman, ambitious for power, will do everything possible to succeed, no matter who has to pass.
Maite Perroni she was in charge of giving life to Lupita. Of all her companions, it could be said that she is the one popularity has continued to have internationally. The young actress has continued to be linked to the world of acting, with series such as The Game of Keys. In the world of music, he continued his solo musical career until 2018.