this is the new Respawn veteran studio

In the video game industry, we are increasingly seeing greater diversity and more initiatives from developers who were previously part of a large company. The famous veteran studies have proliferated in recent years, and this week the announcement of a new team with professionals who have worked in Respawn Entertainment.

Wildlight Entertainment is made up of developers of Titanfall and Apex Legends

Is about Wildlight Entertainmenta new studio composed mainly of developers who have worked on very prominent shooters such as the titanfall saga or the successful battle royale free to play Apex Legends. They define themselves as “a fully funded entertainment studio highly focused on creating big, brave and original video game universes of epic quality and scale.”

We can find more information on your official websiteBut first of all, it should be noted that the CEO is Dusty Welch, who was COO of Respawn and even further back in time he participated in the launch of the first call of duty from Activision. Likewise, we also find in the template Chad Greniera former Apex Legends head who left Respawn in 2022 after a decade at the studio.

They work on a new IP

Beyond all the presentations, what is most striking about the announcement from the studio’s foundation is that its 28 workers, who will develop remotely, already they have started working on a new gamealthough they make it clear that, despite being very excited about it, it will take a while before they can reveal more details about it.

The news comes after knowing Apex Legends Mobile Shutdown Announcement, the adaptation to mobile devices of the popular game as a service from Respawn. Wildlight Entertainment will feature names like Jason McCord either Mohammad Alaviwho seems to be responsible for the alleged Titanfall Legends which was not announced and would have been canceled recently.