This is the original design of Bardock in Dragon Ball Z that was discarded by Akira Toriyama and looked much more like Goku

Although the word “iconic” has lost its force with use, it perfectly fits the look of the characters in dragonball. Both the manga and the Japanese anime Akira Toriyama It is a historical milestone, as it shows that it is enough to see a detail of the face or body of the protagonists for all of us to recognize it.

Of course, sometimes the final appearance differs from the original. It is natural that not a few previous sketches are discarded, where the artist does not find that sought-after point of charisma or adjustment with the lore of the series. In that case, discarded designs like those of Super Saiyan 3 are given, for example.

This was the original design of Bardock

And one of the most interesting characters in the entire Dragon Ball cosmology is none other than BardockGoku’s father. Through specific details we are told that he was a soldier of King Vegeta’s Saiyan army that is revealed, and that he is also about to achieve that milestone that his son would achieve: becoming Super Saiyan.


According to what is said, this first design was carried out by the artist Kaysuyoshi Nakatsuru. It would have been ruled out by Akira Toriyama himself to play the father of the protagonist, and the reasons are obvious just by taking a look at the original drawing.

As you can see, it is almost a copy of Goku with a suit typical of Saiyan bodies. She just touches up her hair a bit and is given a bit more aggressive attitude. In general, he looks like a version of Goku if he hadn’t abandoned the Saiyan bodies and armor of his brother Raditz.