This is the sad but motivating story of George Robinson, Isaac in ‘Sex Education’

The young British actor debuted in the second season of Netflix original fiction that premiered on January 17.

In the second season of Sex Education We met George Robinson, the actor who gave life to Isaac, one of the most acclaimed characters and who completely revolutionized the relationship between Maeve (Emma Mackey) and Otis (Asa Butterfield). After an ending that made us hate him a bit – we have to be honest – in the third installment we got to know him a little better and forgive him.

Isaac is one of the first characters on television to be played by a person who really suffers from a disability, something that many media have not yet incorporated into their projects, as Robinson himself recounted in an interview with Vogue:

Everyone knows someone who has a disability and yet [esto no se refleja] in the media… It is true that it is changing. There has been a precedent in the past of having characters in wheelchairs that are not played by people in wheelchairs.


The young British actor suffered a spinal cord injury when he was 17 on a school rugby tour in South Africa. Robinson explica a Back Up Trust that he did a tackle that did not go well: “I suffered a cervical fracture of level C4 / C5. That means that I have no mobility below where I suffered the injury, nor can I use my arms or hands.” Robinson adds that his life is not as complex as we might imagine and that he has found a way to be independent. “Once you have the right infrastructure, living independently with a spinal cord injury can be quite simple. I have a personal assistant who helps me cook, get up in the morning, and do things around the house. I also use an electric chair. Mine is essentially a manual wheelchair that has been retrofitted with power wheels. It’s great, it’s really light, and it helps me move freely. “

When the injury happened, the actor had to spend 37 days in a South African hospital. After this time he returned to the United Kingdom and had to face his old reality with a completely different condition. There he met another person who suffered the same injury in a rugby accident and who helped him see that his life was not over. I had a future.

But how did he become an actor? He had always been involved in acting, but when he got injured he started to wonder if it was right for him. He soon realized that it was just what he had to do.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to introduce myself as an actor. But I re-evaluated myself and realized that I needed to go out again as a disabled actor

Robinson had always had a great time in acting, so he wanted to continue with what made him happy. “Acting is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. The main reason I started was because I love the collaborative environment. You walk into a theater classroom and it is unlike any other class. You work with your colleagues and you laugh. I realized that even after my injury, I still wanted to be a part of that atmosphere. Since then, everything has intensified and now I’m in this Netflix series, “he declares.

His presence in a series as successful as Sex Education has helped other people in the same situation. “The ‘feedback’ I have from within the disabled community is that it is really cool to see someone who is comfortable with himself and does not question his existence”, account to BBC. These reactions are thanks to scenes like the one that occurs at a party, where Isaac finds a flight of stairs that he cannot climb and, instead of going home, asks Maeve for help to enter. “The fact that Isaac says ‘No, I’m going to the party, you’re going to carry me, I don’t care.’ same interview.

The first three seasons of Sex Education are available on Netflix.

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