This is Xolo Maridueña: 6 things you did not know about the star student of ‘Cobra Kai’

How much do you know about this young actor in his early 20s who hadn’t even seen ‘Karate Kid’ when ‘Cobra Kai’ changed his life?

Now triumph as one of Netflix’s star original series, but when Cobra Kai debuted on YouTube Red as the sequel series to the unforgettable Karate Kid film franchise nobody imagined that it was going to become a real phenomenon. As in his time, millions of young spectators accompany Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) on his journey to become a karate champion capable of standing up to his rival Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), The now series of the ‘streaming’ platform has been able to captivate the younger generations with the help of a new group of martial arts students determined to give the best of themselves.

Under the teachings of the best ‘senseis’, Miguel Díaz (Xolo Maridueña), Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand), Robby Keen (Tanner Buchannan) and an increasingly long list of promising young karate players continue to get into the audience of Cobra Kai in your pocket season after season.

Now we are looking forward to seeing you again on the mat in the fourth installment of Cobra Kai and to know what the alliance of Daniel and Johnny holds for each of them and their dojos, as well as the arrival of Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) after the call of John Kreese (Martin Kove), but, while he arrives, why What not to know a little better its protagonists?

Without a doubt, one of the star students in the Netflix series is Miguel, played by the American actor of Ecuadorian, Mexican and Cuban descent Xolo Maridueña. We met him as Lawrence’s first student when he reopened the dojo and he has been the main catalyst for some of the series’ most important plots throughout its journey, including the romantic ones, but How much do you know about this young actor, barely 20 years old, who hadn’t even seen Karate Kid when Cobra Kai changed your life?

1. Your real name and other biographical information

We know him by his second name ‘Xolo’, which is of Aztec origin and means “Black Star”, but his first name is another: Romario. However, Xolo seems much more special to him and that is how he likes to be called both professionally and in his inner circle.

Xolo is of Mexican, Ecuadorian and also Cuban descent, but he is American. He was born in Los Angeles in June 2001 and has lived in the United States his entire life.

2. ‘Cobra Kai’, his SECOND great role

Although he now triumphs as one of the star characters of Cobra Kai, Xolo Maridueña was already a familiar face, since he had been part of the cast of a famous and long-lived American television series: Parenthood. It was his first major acting role and he got it when he was just 11 years old.

For more than 50 episodes between the third and sixth seasons of Parenthood, Maridueña played Victor Graham, the adopted son of Julia and Joel Graham. It is his best known role before succeeding in Cobra Kai, since the rest of interpretations that had carried out so much in the great as in the small screen were minor and episodic.

3. Video games through Twitch: his other passion

If you like Xolo Maridueña a lot, it doesn’t hurt to know that he has his own channel on Twitch: Xolo Crunch.

In it, he usually plays online video games, like other ‘streamers’, although there are also encounters with fans of Cobra Kai, since Xolo is already a well-known person for his role in the series.

4. He had not seen ‘Karate Kid’, but ‘Cobra Kai’ has changed his life

When the opportunity came to be Miguel Díaz in Cobra Kai, Xolo Maridueña had not seen any of the films in the ‘Karate Kid’ franchise. Which is not surprising either, since he was born in 2001 and belongs to a very different generation from those who grew up waxing and polishing wax.

He himself recognized it in his day, but also confessing that he has already caught up even with the ‘remake’ of 2010 The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith.

5. It will be DC’s superhero Blue Beetle

The new DC movie for HBO Max will star Xolo Maridueña playing Jaime Reyes, a character known in DC Comics for being the third superhero under the nickname Blue Beetle. After having obtained superpowers by having found the beetle by chance, the young Latin student played by the actor of Cobra Kai turns out to be key in the famous DC stage known as Infinite Crisis.

6. Share allotment with your girlfriend and your best friend

Lately there were rumors of breakup, but at least for a couple of years, Maridueña shared a cast with his girlfriend: Hanna Kepple, the person in charge of playing Moon. Both became friends while filming and their relationship grew, although they never became a couple within the series, in the shoes of their characters, but the love interests of their roles have been different.

He also shares a cast with what is now one of his best friends, Jacob Bertrand, one of the apprentices from his own dojo, Cobra Kai. It is common to see photos of both on social networks and the camaraderie is total and absolute on set. As a fun fact, Maridueña even opened a petition from ‘’ asking for the cancellation of his friend for having anticipated to see the third season when they had arranged to see it all together.

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