This LEGO from The Legend of Zelda is a dream for Link fans and its existence is in the hands of Nintendo – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Few companies have as much reach and impact as LEGO, the Danish-born toy firm with a presence in all corners of the world. For this reason, in recent years it has taken its alliance with video games a step further and, in addition to launching multiple titles available on all systems, it has published collaborations with well-known licenses such as Horizon, Super Mario Y sonic. However, there is one that continues to resist despite being one of the most requested by its users: the iconic The Legend of Zelda franchise.

lego zelda

Image: LEGO Ideas

through the portal LEGO Ideas, fans of the brand can post their creations to see if they are popular enough for LEGO to consider making them a reality. For this reason, in the last days appeared a recreation of Temple of Time of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildthe most recent installment of the saga until the next one arrives Tears of the Kingdom. And, as positive news, said publication exceeded 10,000 upvotesthe barrier that LEGO puts up to study if it is worth making the creation come true.

There is no news of a LEGO set of The Legend of Zelda

In the set information, the creator reveals that he used Software Studio and several custom decals to carry out his particular Temple of Time. As he clarified, this consists of 3,000 pieces, a figure that scares anyone, but that fans of The Legend of Zelda who intend to carry out this creation would be passionate about. In addition, in it you can see characters like Link, King Rhoam or a Bokoblin, a series of figures that brings the LEGO set even closer to what Breath of the Wild supposed.

Unfortunately, at the moment it has not been revealed if Nintendo or LEGO are considering launching this popular creation. In view of the figures it achieved in LEGO Ideas, it is clear that users really want it to come true. At the moment, fans of The Legend of Zelda are immersed in the future arrival of Tears of the Kingdomthe title that will serve as a sequel to Breath of the Wild and will arrive in exclusive to Nintendo Switch next May 12.

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Main image from LEGO Ideas