This Marvel 2021 Blockbuster You Can Now Watch At Home Is More Fun Than Any MCU Movie

In the year that Marvel’s phase IV has been released, the Marvel movie that has been the most fun for us is not one of them. We invite you to discover at home this surprising comic action proposal

Although Marvel has released three titles this year – Black Widow, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Eternals– none of their releases has unleashed as much euphoria as Spider-Man: No Way Home that has swept the box office and aroused passions among fans around the world. And yet none of them is as surprising and funny as Venom: There will be carnage, which far exceeds the first of the films in the saga, Venom. Because although he had his moments, in the end his incredible love story and his miserable villain did not hold up too much. But part 2 gets through all of this without a hitch.

Venom: there will be carnage It is one of the latest movies to be released to watch at home available for rent to watch at home -It is available to rent on, Rakuten tv, Amazon, or Google play- and it is one of the best superhero proposals of the year, putting fun above all else.

You can expect plenty of action, highly entertaining (anti) hero show away from the usual adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because Eddie Brock has come to break all the corsets and the predictable so common in these films created in executive offices that sometimes err on the excess of design in their proposals.


What’s more, In these uncertain times of eternal films, stretched many times without justification much beyond two hours, it is worth highlighting the stories that are capable of offering us great fun, action, comedy and a sense of humor in just 90 minutessy in that vein Venom: There will be carnage is a blessing from the start.

Unknown curiosities about the Venom Universe in the movies

The movie, including the credits, only lasts 97 minutes, simply because it’s the time it takes to tell your story. There is no need for countless supporting characters, no additional stories or different temporals, or flashbacks that would unnecessarily slow down the whole thing. Not all movies have to be Gone with the Wind or Ben-hur.

The key to this movie is that it entertains from start to finish without any great artifice or unnecessary frills.

The portrait of a wonderfully funny friendship

Venom 2 it is much better than its predecessor. After the disappointment suffered by fans of the Venom comics after part one, director Andy Serkis Now he makes up for that bluff with an extra dose of madness, in which he puts (at least) one or two more tablespoons where he can, be it with grandiosely staged and creative action scenes or with a Tom Hardy, who in his dual role of Eddie Brock and alien symbiote, has a very free and hooligan result.

‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’: Post-credits scene confirms what every Marvel fan has been waiting for

The love-hate relationship between Eddie and Venom offers enormous potential for a crazy buddy comedy, which exploits the second part much better than the first. Apart from that their relationship also gives a better love story than the one that appeared in the first installment. Plus, the uneven duo finally get to grapple with a strong villain (Woody Harrelson), who not only puts a twist on madness as well, and who remains understandable.

What does the critic say about this blockbuster premiere?

There Will Be Carnage ran at the box office, grossing nearly $ 500 million and so far more than four times his budget, which is manageable by Hollywood standards. However, if you didn’t see it in theaters, it’s worth giving it a shot at the home theater.

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