This Movie Got Horrible Reviews And Yet Someone Sent A Night In Jail For Returning It To The Video Store Late

‘The groom’s mother’ marked the return to the cinema of Jane Fonda after 15 years away from Hollywood. Her work was praised, but Jennifer Lopez’s was absolutely beaten.

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It was not well received by the public or critics.but The groom’s motherthe film released in 2005 under the baton of Robert Luketic (Legally blonde), did not go unnoticed at all in its time and It became one of those comedies that at that time everyone went to see at the cinema. with the aim of having a fun time. In addition, the film was the return to hollywood of the great Jane Fonda, who she had been away from the acting world for 15 years after announcing her retirement. Along with her, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Vartan starred in the film as the wedding couple about to go down the aisle who begins to be boycotted by his mother.

The premise of the film did not promise originality, but the reality is that it was a real box office success. A spring ‘blockbuster’ that raised more than 150 million dollars against a budget of 43 million investment. Nevertheless, critics gave it absolutely terrible reviews. They praised Fonda’s work, yes, but they thrashed that of Jennifer Lopez, who that year would become the “winner” of the Razzie for Worst Actress for that role.

In Rotten Tomatoes The groom’s mother it barely gathers 18% favorable reviews, although, as always, the public is more benevolent and he knew how to appreciate having had a fun time hand in hand with the story that Luketic raised.

Among the negative points of The Mother of the Groom the most critical they gave it adjectives like “obvious”, “flat” and condemned its “lack of freshness”, although many recognized that it was very funny and astute in the face of the public, not especially a movie buff, to whom it was directed. The cast’s performances were also criticized, with a Jane Fonda saving the final result.

Nevertheless, a woman in South Carolina was able to spend a night in jail for her. Not exactly bet, yes.

We knew the news in 2015 and it quickly became an anecdote that would accompany the film forever. South Carolina police arrested a 27-year-old woman, Kayla Finley, after she failed to return a VHS copy of the film. The groom’s motherthat it was in his possession for almost a decade after he rented it.

Interestingly, Finley had gone to the police station to report a crime and, once there, one of the officers checked her name and discovered that an arrest warrant had been issued for her. According to the order, Kayla Finley had rented the film with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda at the Dalton Video store 9 years ago and, although the store had already gone bankrupt, she sent him several letters reminding him that she had to return the tape. When she didn’t, an order came to her house.

The affected has assured that she did not receive any of these letters due to a transfer of address, and that when she did, she did not remember that she had to return the VHS. “I’m not a criminal, but the sheriff’s office has made sure she feels like one,” she said. Finley was charged with petty theft and had to spend a night in jail and pay a $2,000 fine. Too high a price to see The groom’s mother.