This ‘reality’ has been giving us viral videos for years and will finally have its own edition on TVE

Public television reinforces its schedule with one of the most extreme programs on ETB, ‘El conquistador del fin del mundo’.


The change in RTVE is increasingly evident. Public television continues to reinforce its programming for the coming months with new entertainment content. His last known big bet is one of the longest-lived formats of television in Spain: The conqueror of the end of the world.

After the deflating of masterchef and the low audience data from last year, public television is looking for new star formats that captivate viewers. TV days Y all against 1 They are his latest releases that have been well received by viewers. In fact, the first, which meant the return of Julia Otero to television, managed to exceed one million viewers.

The public channel continues to strengthen its catalog and prepares the successful macro contest produced in collaboration with Hostoil. A program very similar to survivors, which has been on Basque television for 19 seasons with great audience figures. Season after season, the contest becomes the most watched with averages that exceed 25% and its 19th edition has just started with a 26.7% share.

The audience dictates its sentence with the premiere of ‘Todos contra 1’: “The ‘What do we bet?’ of the 21st century”

“With the sporting spirit as their flag, three teams face extreme weather and the wild fauna and flora that they offer locations such as Patagonia, Aconcagua, the Amazon or the Caribbean. In these difficult conditions, the participants must pass extremely tough tests while demonstrating that they know how to coexist, collaborate and compete at the same time,” reads the synopsis in a RTVE statement.

Few details are known about it, but the expectation around He conquered national she’s very tall. Everything seems to indicate that the main option is to keep Julian Iantzi as presenter, emblematic face of the space, who last July was in charge of broadcasting the Sanfermines festival on the public channel together with Ana Prada and was a contestant on Masterchef Celebrity.

We will have to wait for more details, but one thing is clear: TVE is arming itself with great entertainment content to increase the audience.

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