This super compact projector is at an all-time low price on Amazon and stands out in all aspects

If you are looking for a good projector, this one from Amazon is one of the best options to buy.

There are not a few projectors that we can find today, although most of them tend to have an excessively high price. But it is not the case of the model Yaber Pro V7which now has a spectacular discount on Amazon that leaves it at its historical minimum price of €203.89.

We usually see the Yaber Pro V7 projector for a recommended retail price of 289 euros, but now we can take advantage of the amazon great deal to have it at home cheaper. His discount leaves him alone €203.89 and becomes one of the best buying options on these types of devices.

Buy projector with Wi-Fi at the best price

Like much of projectorsthis Yaber Pro V7 model maintains a compact format that allows us to transport it wherever we want: whether to a field, a second home or to different rooms in the home, all without effort. As for the image section, we find a LED panel Y full HD resolution. In addition, we can use it both indoors and outdoors thanks to its 6,000 ANSI lumensalthough it is always recommended to use them indoors to have the best experience.

The screen angle reaches 350 inchesbut we can regulate them with the zoom -50% and thus be able to adapt it to any surface. It also includes 6D auto keystone correction, a totally essential aspect in those moments in which we move the projector, by accident or to any other place, and the image is misconfigured. In this case, it is restored in just one second.

One of the highlights of this projector is that it includes Wifi, something that we do not usually see in too many models -and if we do see it, it is at much higher prices-. Thanks to this, we can connect our Smartphones, since it is compatible with both iOS and Android. In addition, together with the projector, it comes with a remote control, cables to connect other devices -such as HDMI or AV-, a protector and a cloth to clean the lens and a backpack to carry it.