This theory about ‘The Squid Game’ would explain some things about its end (and the hypothetical season 2)

Followers of the South Korean series that is sweeping Netflix have begun to draw their own conclusions after the outcome. What if there is a much closer relationship between Gi-hun and Il-nam?

The squid game, the South Korean survival series that Netflix premiered on September 17 along with the debut of the highly anticipated third season of Sex Education, it has turned out to be a real revolution among its subscribers. Developed by Korean filmmaker Dong-hyuk Hwang, no one expected this original proposal to be one of the big surprises of 2021 but, If the series continues in that line of adding followers as a result of word of mouth, it has many ballots of becoming the most successful series on the platform. This was revealed by Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos at a recent convention, in which he also revealed the Top 10 of the streaming service, now led by The Brigdertons.

The 10 most viewed Netflix series: the platform reveals its Top 10 according to viewing hours

The proposal of The Squid Game it is as simple as it is disturbing: A huge group of hundreds of people with different personal problems accept a mysterious invitation to play a survival game in which the tests seem like innocent games for children, but in which winning or losing can mean the loss of their own life. ANDhe prize is hefty – 45 million won for the winner, so many of the 456 entrants will be willing to risk anything to get the amount of money.

Throughout the nine episodes that make up the first season of The Squid Game, viewers attend all kinds of ghoulish games with deadly results, some of them branded as even gore. However, fans have quickly been hooked to the end, only to find out that player 001, Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su) is not the sweet old man with a brain tumor who would rather play the game than die out of it as well. that it claimed to be. Unlike other players, Oh Il-nam is behind the games and, indeed, he was never in danger.

Following the outrage of viewers, Netflix has included a warning in ‘The Squid Game’

In the last episode, ‘One Lucky Day’ (1×09)Oh Il-nam reveals that the games were created because VIPS thought “life wasn’t fun” when you have too much money or too little. However, fans of the Netflix series have proposed a curious theory that suggests that behind the game there is a much more personal reason. At least when it comes to the character’s involvement in creating the infamous and deadly competition.


As proposed by the TikToker under the profile @ruthbellpan while making speculations for a potential season 2 that seems unlikely, Oh Il-nam could be Seong Gi-hun’s biological father (Lee Jung-jae), the main protagonist. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this:

  1. To begin with because the conversation that both characters have when Gi-hun is offered bread and milk could be taken as a clue. In it, Il-nam bet that the protagonist was beaten a lot as a child and, when he asked him how he knew, the old man replied like this: “My son too. He was like your friend.”
  2. Similarly, before entering the competition, 001 lent him his jacket knowing that the soldiers would not kill the first player, in a clear protective gesture, in addition to that, much later in the story, both characters end up becoming more personally related with no apparent explanation, as if they felt in mutual debt. In addition, both say they have a lot in common, such as the neighborhood in which they lived and even the specific street.
  3. Another detail, much more difficult to detect, is that, When Oh Il-nam asks if it’s 24th because his son’s birthday is coming up, it turns out that it matches Gi-hun’s birthday., which turns out to be 04/26 as revealed by her mother’s credit card pin. If in doubt, if your child’s birthday was 26, then 24 assumes the day is near.

Definitely, there are reasons to relate both characters, who curiously turn out to be the first and last player of the game -001 and 456-, although it is a theory that none of those involved in The Squid Game has confirmed. When, at the end, Gi-hun asks his partner why he has let him win, he replies: “Because it was fun playing with you.” What if, knowing that he was not going to die, the old man’s goal was to find his son to train and find him and allow him to take his place?

The future of ‘The Squid game’: the creator is exhausted and does not plan a season 2 (for now)

The theory is certainly not far-fetched, but the truth is that the possibility of a season 2 of The Squid Game has been rejected, at least for the moment, by its creator: “Writing ‘The Squid Game’ was more difficult than normal for me, as it was a series, not a movie. It took me six months to write and rewrite the first two episodes. I don’t have well-developed plans for ‘The Squid Game 2’. It’s pretty exhausting thinking about it. “

At the moment, only the first season is available on Netflix.

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