This turbulent miniseries only lasts 3 hours, is based on true events and you can see it on Disney +

A different look at the world of fighting and fame with one of the most controversial boxers at the center and the director of ‘I, Tonya’ telling it. ‘Mike’ may surprise you.


Boxing is back in fashion thanks to a new wave of productions focused on the subject, with Creed III as the best example shining in movie theaters around the world. If the fever of the ring and the gloves crashing into bodies has rubbed off on you, it is possible that this very peculiar miniseries is to your liking. Put it on your radar (or on your to-do list) Mike.

A series that premiered last year in Disney+ and that it tells a fast-paced story with plenty of considerable hooks. It is based on the true story of Mike Tyson and is told in half-hour chapters, not exceeding the total of three and a half hours. Therefore, the fiction starring Trevante Rhodes is perfect for a weekend marathon.

The series narrates the hectic and controversial life of the well-known boxer. Through Tyson’s own eyes, it tells how his harsh childhood was and how he lived through the drama of the problem of social class and race differences in the United States. But also how he went from being an unknown athlete to being in the elite of boxing.

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Once a sports star, Mike’s name began to be related to other issues beyond boxing. From misogyny and the wealth gap, to the promise of the American Dream and the great power the media wielded in her life.

Created by Steven Rogers and Karin Gist, as well as directed by Craig Gillespie (who already surprised us in the biopic format with I, Tonya), the series finds moments of freshness within the expected sports history. Tyson has behind him a turbulent track record that is shockingbut the series finds a conventional structure to recount his life.

‘Mike’: blows of life

Yet there is still a force in the way he tells it. Tyson’s life blows are entertaining to watch due to a balanced tone, which prioritizes drama but sneaks in irreverent touches, and also due to an exquisite visual direction, which is not careless at any time and gives verve to everything we see, not only trusting interest in its peculiar character.

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That the narration also runs through the protagonist is a curious decision, as well as controversial because the real boxer did not give his approval to what is told. They are elements that make it a rare series and that it’s worth it even if people slapping each other with gloves on is not your thing. An imperfect and convulsive portrait that will capture your attention.

You can see Mike in Disney+.

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