This was the attempt by Saudi Arabia to control the information

An investigation carried out by Wikimedia decreed, as indicated in techspotthat Saudi Arabia tried to infiltrate two of his agents in the upper echelons of Wikipedia To try to control information of the free use and management portal. Since its creation, Wikipedia has become the online encyclopedia most popular in the world. With millions of articles and sheets published in more than 320 languages, users use the platform to learn historical aspects, data and other relevant information. However, some organizations have tried to use such a system to promote interests in your favor.

According to Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) Y SMEXtwo NGOs specialized in the information offered from Arab countries, Saudi Arabia tried to infiltrate the upper ranks of Wikipedia to two agents trained to gain control of the content of the online encyclopedia. In fact, the Asian country deployed various citizens (some of them by force) to try to carry out this maneuver, a situation that ended with two detainees and condemned after the failed attempt to control the information that is published on the platform.

Wikipedia already suffered a similar attack weeks ago

osama khalid Y Ziyad Al-Sofiani they were the scapegoats that Saudi Arabia imprisoned as part of its failed move. The first, as reported by Techspot, was sentenced to up to 32 years in jaila penalty that was reduced to 8 years in the case of Al-Sofiani. Thus, although the information has come to light a few days ago, this case dates back to September 2020. For its part, DAWN affirms through abdullah alaoudh (director of research for the Gulf) that this is a “scary aspect of how the Saudi government wants to control narrative and Wikipedia”.

DAWN is an NGO founded by Jamal Khashoggia Saudi journalist assassinated by a team of agents from his home country after allegedly criticizing the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Although he has died, others have continued his work and seek to keep the information free, a task that directly affects Wikipedia since this is one of the many attacks it receives every month. In fact, a month ago he had to restrict access to 16 users of the Middle East and Africa for a “conflict of interests” similar to that of the Saudi agents.

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Lead image by Oberon Copeland