This was the tragic story of a deceived user

On some other occasion we have talked to you about curious stories related to the world of PC Gaming. At the end of January, for example, we told you what happened to a player who built his first PC Gaming and had a stroke of luck difficult to emulatea situation diametrically opposed to another user who rescued a high-end computer from the trash and did not get that worked. However, this time the story is led by a player who, after thinking that it was one of the best purchases of his life, ran into reality: the computer you bought is very outdated.

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Image: Reddit

Through Reddit, this user shared his particular story. As detailed in the original postnotes that he has no idea about computerswhich is why he bought a computer he found on Facebook for just 230 euro. Thus, his intention was to be able to play titles like Apex Legends either Rusta task that he wanted to carry out even if it was with “low graphics”. However, when he shared the components of his computer in the same forum, the opinion of the users was unanimous in specifying the majority that the PC he bought is obsolete Today.

You spent more than 200 euros on a PC that you will not be able to use

As most Reddit users pointed out, the Gaming PC you bought for just over $200 is made up of outdated technology. The processor, for example, is a AMD FX8320, an excessively old team to play today’s titles. In turn, the graphics card is the Radeon R9 380 4GB from AMD, a 2015 unit that the company stopped supporting years ago. To this, we must add other components such as the motherboard Gigabyte 970A-DS3P or RAM memory 8GB DDR3an outdated option to play today’s titles even with low graphics.

For this reason, in the comments they recommended that you learn more before making purchases of this type. In addition, they told him that for that price he could have gotten a best team that, at least, gave the option to play those titles with low or even medium graphics. However, the rush led this user to acquire an outdated Gaming PC and, when he had already made the transaction, there was no going back. Without a doubt, this story seems the other side of the coin of that of the user who made the best purchase of his life on Amazon few days ago.

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Lead image by Christian Erfurt (Unsplash)