This will be the return of Hande Erçel after ‘Love is in the air’: a drama with Burak Deniz that aims to be a success

Filming for ‘Two Strangers’ (‘Iki Yabanci’) has already begun filming and marks the reunion of both actors after ‘Hayat: Love Without Words’.

The return of Hande Erçel to the small screen is getting closer. The actress of Love is in the air He is already recording his next series, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Two StrangersIn turkish iki yabanciis Erçel’s next project beside burak deniz who have already worked together Love without words. A new fiction that promises, since we will see both actors in interpretive facets that are very different from what they usually do.

According to several Turkish media, Erçel and Deniz are already recording the series that promises to become a great Turkish phenomenon. Two Strangers is a drama that follows the story of a man who suffers from bipolar disorder (Deniz), the struggle he must face with himself and how the people around him experience it. The successful actress plays the psychiatrist where the character of his partner goes.

Little more are the details that have transcended fiction, but everything indicates that the protagonists will get into the skin of some characters with great depth that will be seen throughout the chapters. This represents an interpretive leap for both actors, which they are surely enjoying. And it is that both have viewers used to seeing them in romantic comedies, so this new project is totally different.

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The actress already gave clues at the end of filming Love is in the air of the challenges that he now wanted to undertake professionally, declaring in different interviews that he wanted to change and do “different things, no more romantic comedy“. For this reason, and after taking a break, Erçel has been involved in projects that have very little to do with this genre. And it seems that the interpreter has also signed to star in a fantastic series.

There is still no release date for any of Erçel’s upcoming series but taking into account that filming usually lasts 4 or 5 months, probably Two Strangers is released at the end of 2023.

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