Thomas VDB, very rock

Little is known about it, but Thomas VDB was a rock journalist before becoming an actor. And a journalist of the passionate genre, not to say furious, ready to cross the Atlantic to interview groups like Korn or Weezer, who were his favorites for a long time. The comedian recounts the disheveled daily life of a rock critic and, logically, goes back to an adolescence obsessed with heavy metal (the one with a lot of hair and which hurts the ears), in “Comedian rhapsodie” (Flammarion, 270 p., 20 euros), a story as touching as it is hilarious. It covers his membership in the Queen fan club, his friends fascinated by bands like Wasp (famous for his chainsaw solos), rehearsals of his own group, Libido, then, later, heaps of CDs. to chronicle, interviews in English of which he does not include all the answers and other anecdotes not stung by the chafer. At the same time, Thomas VDB evokes his first steps as an actor, in disguise, in the aisles of hypermarkets and street theater where he will make his professional debut. Funny life of which he makes a very tender and frankly funny epic.