Three seasons of ‘The Squid Game’? The creator is in negotiations with Netflix

What started as a miniseries could become a franchise. All thanks to the power of the subscribers of the streaming platform.

The most violent game in the world is not over yet. 2021 has left us an unexpected bombshell, that of The Squid Game. The Korean series premiered quietly on Netflix in September, but it wasn’t long before it started to take off and gain fans. In just a few weeks it became the platform’s great phenomenon of the year and, What was originally going to be a miniseries, is now being planned as a full-blown franchise.

The creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, was delighted with the success of the fiction, but did not want to continue it. He declared himself exhausted and confessed that writing the script for the series was “more difficult than normal” in his career. The writing of the first two episodes alone took him six months. In addition, he did not have very clear plans for the future. However, as time has passed, he has become convinced that it is best to keep going.

In an interview with The Korea Times, Hwang has assured that they are planning a new batch of episodes and, even, that he is talking about making a third installment.

I am in negotiations with Netflix about season 2, as well as for season 3. We will come to a conclusion very soon

Although it was difficult for him to make the decision to do a second season of The Squid Game, for a long time he had been promising that Gi-Hun’s (Jung-Jae Lee) adventure would have a continuation. What is quite a surprise is that the negotiations also include a third installment, which seemed out of all possibility.

The creator of ‘The Squid Game’ promises that there will be season 2 and who will be back in the new episodes

In the first weeks after the premiere of The Squid GameEvery time the creator was asked if he would be willing to develop new episodes, he replied that it was “exhausting” to think about it. “If I had to, I certainly wouldn’t do it alone. I would consider using a writing team and would want several experienced directors. “, put as a condition. Netflix listened to him and offered him what he asked for.

Bela Bajaria, director of global TV for the streaming platform, said they were working to find the “right structure” for Hwang. Since it wanted other writers to get the new installment going, the company was looking for the right team. The strategy seems to be paying off and has not only convinced the creator to continue with a new season, he also plans to go further, creating a kind of violent games franchise.

Few details are known about it – in fact, there is no official confirmation – but what seems certain is that Lee Jung-jae will return to play Seong Gi-hun. “To return to [para] do something for the world “, assures the creator. At the end of the first season we see the protagonist, now a millionaire, get off the plane in which he was going to travel to see his daughter in the United States. In a last minute change, he decides to turn around and seek revenge. It seems that in the second season we will know what he did next.

While we wait for its premiere, there are many other Netflix original series waiting for you.

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