“Thrilling against the clock”: For Christopher Nolan, this film is action of the highest level

The director of ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Dunkirk’ has a recommendation for all moviegoers.

Christopher Nolan has spent two decades giving us some of the most complex, intense and enjoyable films in Hollywood. The filmmaker knows very well how to hit the mark to keep the viewer intrigued and attentive. For this reason, in addition to devouring his productions, we cannot stop listening to his recommendations. How can you not want to know where the influences of one of the best directors of today come from?

It turns out that to him, a genius of ‘thrillers’, the film that kept him biting his nails and on the edge of his seat was Speedthe 1994 tape by Jan de Bont. The Briton praised, in an interview with the British Film Institute, his ability to keep the public fully expectant and assures that it is one of his inspirations.

An exciting movie against the clock

At the meeting, the filmmaker explained that Speed was one of those that inspired him to do Dunkirk, a tape that does not lower the level of tension at any time. Beside Speedhe pointed Unstoppable (2010), with Chris Pine and Denzel Washington; Fire cars (1981), which he calls a masterpiece; or war like No news at the front (1930).

Jan de Bont’s film was a massive critical and public success upon its release in 1994. It cost between 30-37 million dollars and grossed 350, becoming the fifth highest grossing film of the year. It was a new success in the career of Keanu Reeves, who was already known throughout the world for the Bill & Ted trilogy and for titles such as they call him Bodhi.

Nobody is caught new by the plot of the tape, but in case you just met it, here goes the summary. In Speed, Reeves gives life to Jack Traven, a Los Angeles policeman who has to hunt down a dangerous terrorist: he has planted a bomb on a bus that will explode if it slows down below 80km/h or if any of the passengers get off. After a passenger shoots the driver, a passenger named Anne (Sandra Bullock) must take over driving.

The good reception of the film led the production company to develop the sequel Speed ​​2, this time without the involvement of Keanu Reeves. Unfortunately, it is considered one of the worst sequels out there. It is clear that a boat controlled remotely by a computer lunatic who wants to crash it into a tourist port does not have the same impact.