‘Through my window’: meet Raquel and Ares, the star couple of 2022, in the trailer of the most anticipated Netflix adaptation

Directed by Marçal Forés, the new film is based on the novel, a global phenomenon, written by Ariana Godoy and will premiere on the platform on February 4.

The story of Raquel and Ares, the leading couple of Through my window, this about to captivate audiences around the world through Netflix. He already did it on paper, through the homonymous novel written by Ariana Godoy and published through ‘Wattpad’, but its success resulted in the commissioning of a film adaptation by the ‘streaming’ platform of the great N and now it is close, no, very close to being a reality.

Raquel and Ares will come to life on the screen on February 4, date on which Netflix premieres Through my window for their audiences around the world, but you already have the opportunity to see them in the flesh and in full action in the official trailer that the platform has just launched.

Those in charge of giving life to the couple in love that promises to be one of the stars of 2022 are Clara Galle (Raquel) and Julio Peña (Ares), two unknown but talented young actors. They are accompanied, among others, by Hugo Arbués, Eric Masip, Natalia Azahara, Guillermo Lasheras and Emilia Lazo, all of them in roles that the readers of the famous novel know well.

Likewise, Netflix has also shared some images of the long-awaited feature film. You can see some below:




What is the story created by Ariana Godoy about? The adolescent love story stars Raquel, a young woman who has spent her whole life, almost since she can remember, absolutely in love with Ares, her attractive and mysterious neighbor. They live next door, but she has limited herself to observing him relentlessly, in the distance, and always without being seen. However, young people have never spoken.

‘Through my window’: Release date, trailer, cast and everything we know about the Netflix movie

She, however, is very clear about her goal: to make Ares notice her and end up falling madly in love. The situation changes when a series of events that leads them to unite more and more. Yes indeed, as Netflix advances in its official description, “Raquel is not an innocent girl and she is not willing to lose everything along the way, much less herself.”

Edited in Spain by Random House, Ariana Godoy’s novel was born on the literary platform Wattpad, where it has more than 1 and a half million readers and the phenomenon that today already moves fans around the world originated.

From the hand of Godoy herself and director Marçal Forés now comes her film adaptation, which is described as even “sexier and more exciting” and which will debut on the platform on February 4.