‘Tiger King’ is back on Netflix for season 2

(ETX Daily Up) – Prepare the popcorn, the documentary “Tiger King” is back! Netflix has announced the second season of its now cult documentary. After being a hit in 2020, helped by the first containment, the incredible story of Joe Exotic will once again be in the spotlight on the platform before the end of 2021.

Netflix has a biting schedule planned for the end of the year. After the success of the documentary “In the kingdom of the wild animals”, “Tiger King” in its original version, in March 2020, the continuation of the unlikely adventures of Joe Exotic will indeed be on the platform’s program before the end of 2021. The American giant has unveiled a salvo of documentaries in an enticing teaser, including this eagerly awaited second season of “In the kingdom of the wild animals”. “Tiger King is coming back this year – and Season 2 promises as much chaos and madness as Season 1!” Netflix promised on Twitter.

For the moment, one of the streaming leaders has not revealed a precise date for the release of the rest of the documentary which went viral more than a year ago.

The documentary “In the Kingdom of the Wild” told the story of Joe Exotic whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a colorful character and former zookeeper for big cats accused of attempting to assassinate his rival Carole Baskin and convicted of 17 federal counts of animal abuse. Sentenced to 22 years in federal prison, Joe Exotic caused a sensation when the documentary was released by asking for a presidential pardon from Donald Trump.

The documentary series had become one of Netflix’s star programs during the first lockdown. Available in March 2020, when the whole world is confined, “In the kingdom of the wild animals” had been watched by 64 million households in the world in one month.

Following the announcement of this upcoming broadcast, Carole Baskin, manager of Big Cat Rescue, said: “I don’t know how they released a ‘Tiger King 2’ when Joe Schreibvogel [aka Joe Exotic, ndlr] is in prison and I refuse to be used, “she said, according to The Hollywood Reporter.” Rebecca Chaiklin [réalisatrice de ‘Au royaume des fauves’, ndlr] said she wanted to ‘ease the tension’ about what they did to me in ‘In the Kingdom of the Wild’. I told him to delete my number. There is no explanation for such betrayal and such misrepresentation, ‘she added.

In addition to the sequel to “Tiger King”, Netflix has announced the lineup of documentaries “The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman” for January 2022, “The Tinder Swindler” for February 2022, “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King “and” Bad Vegan “in 2022.