TikTok star, only 30 and mother of two, dies ‘unexpectedly’

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Tributes are multiplying after the announcement of the death of a star of TikTok. Jehane Thomas, 30 years old and mother of two children, died unexpectedly on Friday March 17.

She died tragically after suffering for months from “successive illnesses and several episodes of migraines”. This Friday, March 17, the star of Tiktok, Jehane Thomas, died. She leaves behind her two sons: Isaac, aged three, and Elijah, only one.

56,600 subscribers

Known for sharing her life as a mom on TikTok, this young Englishman had more than 56,600 subscribers and 1.2 million “views”. On her page, she shared vlogs, tips for making packed lunches and dinners for the kids, cleaning tips and shopping.

@jehanethomas1 Replying to @Beckie? ♬ original sound – Jehane Thomas

Videos on his TikTok channel illustrate his battle with optic neuritis. Neurological damage caused by inflammation of the optic nerve, of varying severity.

Several of his relatives praised his “kind and genuine soul” after his passing. She was a “beautiful person inside and out,” they wrote on social media.