Tom Cruise presents the first images of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Mission Impossible 7’ by surprise in Barcelona

The actor participated in the Cine Europa exhibitors’ convention during the presentation of Paramount’s projects, and thanked the exhibitors for their efforts over the past two years.

The actor Tom Cruise yesterday put the auditorium on its feet at the CineEuropa exhibitors meeting held in Barcelona. The actor appeared by surprise during the presentation of the new Paramount projects and was in charge of presenting the first images – although they had already been shown at CinemaCon in Las Vegas – his next two films that will be released in 2022 after successive delays: Top Gun: Maverick, and Mission Impossible 7.

Although this event used to be characterized by having the participation of numerous stars on other occasions, this edition, Tom Cruise was the only relevant presence at this meeting. The actor took the opportunity to thank the exhibitors, according to Deadline:

“I have wanted to come personally and thank you for the great relationship we have had in my 40-year career,” said Cruise. “Every time I make a new film I think of all of you who make it possible for it to be seen in theaters,” said the star.

Cruise traveled from London where he’s ending Mission Impossible 7, which is slated to hit theaters in late September 2022. And he assured that his films always try to offer the highest quality: “In Mission Impossible we are very interested in having a good story behind it, not just the stunts, and our goal is to connect with a growing audience, “said the actor just before showing the same images of the film that could be seen in Las Vegas in August, and They include Cruise’s latest death-defying stunt as Ethan Hunt.

In addition, he also presented the First 13 minutes of Top Gun: Maverick (which had also been shown at CinemaCon and will hit theaters in May 2022).

The American actor explained before screening that for decades he had been asked to reprise star fighter pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. “Now is the right time to do it,” he explained.

It was precisely at this same exhibitor event that the first two minutes of the Top Gun continuation film were seen two years ago. And Cruise concluded with a message of hope for exhibitors: “My passion is making films. We are here with you and for you and we will never stop making them the best we can,” he promised.

Paramount’s presentation at the Barcelona event was given by Mark Viane, President of International Distribution, and Mary Daily, Co-President of Marketing and Worldwide Distribution. During their speech they presented photos behind the cameras of some of their films Steve and the Monster League and Clifford the big red dog and a preview of the new movie by Sonic. They also made the world premiere of the trailer for the new installment of the horror franchise Scream, which will be released next year, according to Deadline.

Sandra Bullock, by means of a video, he presented several images of Lost City of D, the story of a writer who is tried to kidnap in the jungle, where the adventure, comedy, romance also starring Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe has to flee.

And in addition, the director Steven Caple Jr and the producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura sent a video message from Machu Picchu where they talked about the current filming of Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts which opens next year.

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