Tom Hardy from ‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’: “We have more ideas for a third installment”

The Andy Serkis-directed film hits theaters on October 15.

Venom: There Will Be Carnage, directed by Andy Serkis, is released three years after the premiere of its first installment, but this time with a difference: An agreement signed between Sony and Marvel to share Spider-Man And also his villains?

It is not yet confirmed by either party, but what is clear is that the sequel hits theaters this October 15th and promises more action than ever with the introduction of Carnage, the symbiote that will be a nightmare for reporter Eddie (Tom Hardy).

But will we have a third and ‘final’ Venom installment? In a recent interview with SensaCine, Hardy explained that they do have ideas for making a third film:

Yes we have. I think the really important thing is to search for everything. These movies usually come in a pack of three as a franchise. I think if you are involved with one, there is usually movie 1, 2 and 3 and they all depend on the success of the first one to see if the next one is going to be done, right? So I think the important thing for everyone involved with it is that from the beginning think of the three films as one, as if it were an isolated and independent tree.

The actor continues to affirm that a franchise can always go beyond a pack of three films and that you should always think about future potential, despite the company deciding not to go ahead because it was not a box office success:

There must also be a progression and a development and looking for lateral options that come out of it, because you are always trying to reap big and grow something. And so if they stop, they stop. But it’s not because you haven’t constantly tried to evolve. And I think nothing is finished, you always investigate and even when you are shooting and when you are editing. You are still developing what you are working on and are establishing plots and dialogues for potential future.

‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’: The nod to Stan Lee from the sequel trailer

Sony has not yet confirmed a third installment of Venom, but perhaps it is because of the agreement between Sony and Marvel that was reached to share everything related to Spider-Man. Will Venom appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

While we wait for more details, remember that it is available in theaters from Friday, October 15 with Woody Harrelson as the mythical villain Matanza or also known internationally as Carnage.