Tonight, in Toulouse, it’s the return of the Marseillais schoolboys from Oia Star

the essential
This evening, Saturday February 4, the Marseillais from Oia Star will present a preview of their album “Zulu Oscar Bravo India” at the cabaret Le 9 in Toulouse.

Still “shattered” by the death of Françoise Chapuis, her “Toulouse cousin” from Femmouzes T, the Oia Star will present today Saturday February 4, six days before its official release, its new album ” Zulu Oscar Bravo India » in preview aperitif-listening (and surprises) at Cabaret Le 9, rue Louis-François Lejeune.

With this seventh album (which we let you decipher this strange code name)the self-proclaimed Marseille collective “schoolboy side” of the Massilia Sound System returns to its fundamentals: rock’n’roll, incendiary texts, good humour, yet another large glassful of rock’n’roll at the same time, and the high desire to ” dance, fuck the oai and live again in a world without a gray soul! »

I get to work when I meet someone I want to work with, it’s as simple as that, explains Gari, the soul of Oia Star. When I met Nesko Hadzimuratovic, a Bosnian guitarist who has lived in Marseille for many years, a guitar teacher with a crest, it made me want to go back! The Oai Star has always broken down the barriers and partitions between rock song, hip-hop, punk-rock… »

The merry band from Marseilles only had to open their eyes, the newspaper or the TV to check off one by one the flaws of our world: “I am a mountebank, my job is to raise awareness, and I don’t I don’t have anything better than my guitar and my choruses to do that,” says Gari. With lthe confinements, the Zemmourization of the spirits, THE debates on social networks, everything that eats away at society, Gari and Nesko had material to deliver” an outlet disk » with scathing titles like “Fouta Nobis Pacem” (Leave us alone), ” Oai at Hellfest” (organizers, listen up, they want to go!), “Highway to Oai”, with a featuring of… Guillaume Meurice ! To be found this evening on stage (“When we release a record, we present it first in Marseille, then in Toulouse, it’s the family”) for a showcase guaranteed colorful and emotional. Go ahead, put on the Oai!

“Zulu Oscar Bravo India”, Oai Star’s new album (It’s OK/Baco Distribution). Aperitif-listening preview Saturday February 4 at 8 p.m. at Cabaret “Le 9” (9, rue Lous-François Lejeune). Free admission.