Toulouse: a “poetic” hike to see the Grand Mirail district differently

the essential
A poetic hike to the Mirail, the project of the collective of musicians Freddy Morezon and the Center for artistic initiatives of the Jean Jaurés university which will be presented to the public on March 29 and 30.

“Poetizing the public space”. At the time of the war in Ukraine, the economic and energy slump, it was necessary to dare to offer such an artistic program to the public, on March 29 and 30 in Toulouse, according to a large format hike (GRurban type) which will crisscross the paths of the Jean Jaurès University campus and the Mirail district.

“Short circuit”

The event is called “Court circuit”, born from the territory residence which has been operating since December 2022 in the Grand Mirail district of Toulouse, imagined by the musicians of the Collectif Freddy Morezon and the CIAM-UT2J (Center for artistic initiatives of the Mirail, Toulouse Jean Jaurès University). The heart of the project is “the poeticization of public space” in order to look at the neighborhood differently.

“This project offers a new look at this politically registered district of the city by proposing, in the manner of the Grandes Randonnée trails, the creation of walking paths in the Mirail district”, explain the organizers, among others, supported by the council. department and the city of Toulouse. They see the project as a challenge.

“A broad and ambitious proposal”

“It’s a broad and ambitious proposal as much in its content as in its objectives and its duration,” assures the Court-circuit team. Between 2022 and 2024, two urban hiking trails will be created in the Grand Mirail district, many concerts and sound impromptu will take place in the public space and in various places, dinner concerts, workshops, etc. »

Note that the Freddy Morizon collective has existed since 2002 in Toulouse and works with a dozen musicians.