Toulouse les orgues will celebrate its twenty-five springs

the essential
To celebrate its 25th spring, the Toulouse les Orgues festival invents moments of unexpected musical creations and renews the approach of a little-known instrument.

The enthusiasm of Yves Rechsteiner, artistic director of the Toulouse les Orgues festival, was a pleasure to see during the presentation of the new edition which begins on October 5. “A moment that I wish to be greedy while recognizing the difficulty of presenting an event which brings together some thirty events which will help to discover the richness of the organistic heritage of Toulouse.” In fact, the period lends itself to the exercise since the tribune organs of Notre-Dame la Daurade and of the Saint-Jérôme church have been identified (dismantling, cleaning, verification of the functionality of all the elements). The opening concert provided by the chamber choir Les Elements directed by Joël Suhubiette and in the presence of the organist Mathias Lecomte will also take place at the Daurade for the first time in a choir and organ version, which delighted the conductor. of the Elements: “We are very attached to the festival since our first performance was given during an edition of Toulouse les Orgues and it is a pleasure to present the Messa di Gloria, an almost joyful, theatrical work that brings together two great composers of opera and religious music: Puccini and Janacek. ” (Wednesday, October 6) Jan Willem Jansen on the great organ but also on the choir organ Cavaillé-Coll de la Daurade and the cellist Christophe Coin will then give the concert “Élégies et fantaisies” (Wednesday, October 13) and two other concerts will host Saint-Jérôme Church: a Bernard Haas recital (Sunday, October 10) and “Le Violon du cœur” with Natacha Triadou (violin) and Marc Chiron (organ).

Creations and youth

The festival will also feature new pieces such as “Nebula” composed by Giulio Tosti which Yves Rechsteiner speaks of as “the missing link” between the world of organists and contemporary creation (Thursday, October 7). But also “The Organ and the Bird” carried by Pierre Hamon (flutes), Catalina Vicens (organetto and large organ), Johnny Rasse and Jean Boucault (bird singers) who mix medieval melodies and birdsong (Saturday October 9). And other highlights like this “Bach Metamorphosis” (Tuesday 12 October) led by Lise Pauton (contortion) and Yves Rechsteiner (organ), the film scores of Ennio Morricone performed by organist Esther Assuied (Thursday 14 October ), the usual film-concert at the Saint-Sernin basilica (“L’Étrange aventure du vagabond poète” by Alan Crosland (1927) with Paul Goussot on the organ,), the meeting between Thierry Escaich (Gulliver organ) and Lionel Suarez (accordion, bandoneon) around the work of Astor Piazzolla (Friday October 15). All these meetings are accompanied by strong support for the young generation of organists, the 13th international organ competition in Toulouse, and the intervention component in schools as well as involvement with young audiences. ‘says again in order to pass, one day, the baton to a new audience …

First appointments

Wednesday October 6 at 8:30 p.m. at Notre-Dame de la Daurade: “Messa di Gloria” by the vocal ensemble Les Elements and Mathias Lecomte.Thursday October 7 at 10.30 pm at the Gesu church: “Night of the Gesu: Nebula” by Giulio Tosti.Saturday October 9 at 8:30 p.m. in Saint-Étienne Cathedral: “The Organ and the Bird”.Wednesday October 13 at 8:30 p.m. at Notre-Dame de la Daurade: “Elegance and fantasies” with Jan Willem Jansen and Christophe Coin.Prices: from 5 € to 28 € and free events. Phone. 05 61 33 76 87.