Toulouse. Maéso in concert this Friday evening with “Ode to those”, room of the Sénéchal

In this gloomy and cold season, it is good to warm up by listening to colorful and intense notes. This is what Salle du Sénéchal is offering this Friday, the singer and guitarist from Toulouse Maéso and his trio, during a concert which lists the ten titles of his latest album, “Ode to those”, the result of a collaboration with the writer Hafid SaÏdi, a friend of poetry. A moment not to be missed to see life differently, less indifferent to others and stronger in emotions.

Well known to the public, Maéso simply relates life not always woven with pink notes. Thus, the title “Les Exilés” recounts the headlong rush of men and women desperately seeking a better daily life. While “Kimberley Eyes” details the blueness of Kimberley’s eyes. Obviously love is not far away. Or “Native Land” relating the uprooting of the Spanish people during the Retirada. Maéso also sings about our dreams and everything that makes life more acceptable with “Broken Looks”.

An accomplished musician with endearing sounds (no less than 3,000 performances and around ten albums), which we hum for a long time after hearing them, Maéso is an artist to (re)discover. We don’t forget his musical tempo and this way of expressing things and situations simply and of putting the right words where needed.

This Friday at 8:30 p.m., Salle du Sénéchal, 17 rue de Rémusat in Toulouse.